Negro Women, Stop Taking The Abuse!



The movie, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, made me take a look at how Negro men treat Negro women and I am not liking what I see. Did I pay my money to see the movie? Hell no! And I based it on principle because I had read about that abusive motherfucker that calls himself, Dr. Dre. I had read about his contempt, disdain and apparent hatred for women and the sad fact is that many Negro men are in fact, just like this piece of shit that has been lauded as some sort of thug hero and for what? I don’t know. Because if he is considered to be a hero for promoting rappers to ‘rap’ about niggers, hos, and bling, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. And neither should your Negro ass because that would mean that you are just as ignorant as this punk ass bitch and just as ignorant as the rappers that glorify degrading, abusing and demoralizing the very women that gave birth to them.

Negro men, if you have daughters, you don’t even respect them. There is no way that you can if you revere and give props to this piece of shit that has raised his closed fist and beat a woman like she was a man. Quite obviously, you don’t have a problem if this bastard beat your own daughter down. I know for a fact that this happens and it happens quite often.

My piece of shit cousin told me that he was with his ‘home boys’ and they went over one of his homeys’ girlfriend’s house and just because she wasn’t standing on the porch, panting for his ass, he dragged her out the house and beat her like she was a man right in front of a carload of other nasty, disgusting, degenerates and the woman actually picked herself up off the ground after having been stomped and fist punched by her boyfriend and got inside the vehicle. What the fuck is wrong with us????!!!!

Negro men, why are you brutalizing Negro women? Where did you develop such contempt for Negro women? Who the fuck do you think you are? You are nothing without us because who is wailing, moaning and printing signs when your Negro ass is shot or locked up for driving down the goddamn street with a broken taillight? Who the fuck is sitting home raising your kids while you’re out doing who the fuck knows what? Who has always had your goddamn back even when you didn’t deserve the loyalty that we have always had for your Negro ass? Just because some Caucasian motherfucker dangles a few Benjamins in your goddamn face is no reason to forget who you came from and who loved you before you ever knew what love was about. And quite honestly, I am at a loss to know when your Negro ass got lost along the way. Because Negro motherfuckers, believe me, you are lost as hell without us. Keep beating our ass. Keep disrespecting us. Keep insulting us. Keep kicking us in the dirt and one day, your Negro ass is gonna look around for your heart and soul, the heart and soul that is us, Negro women,  and you are going to find yourselves facing down the nightmare that is your life by your goddamn self because we will have kicked your worthless ass to the curb.

The Caucasian man don’t give a shit about your ass. The only thing you can do for him is make him some goddamn money and when your usefulness is over, where will you be? Out on your Negro ass without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out and don’t crawl your tired ass back to us ’cause we’ve already kicked your tired ass to the curb. Think it can’t happen? Take a look around? Who the fuck is still wearing out the soles of their shoes on your behalf when that Caucasoid is busting a cap all up in your ass? Newsfuckingflash! It ain’t me! I’ve already given up on you worthless motherfuckers, but other Negro women have not, not yet. I am not going to continue to head to protest rallies and marches to get the Caucasians boot up off your Negro ass when if the Caucasians ain’t fucking you up, you’re fucking us up. I have put up with your shit for too goddamn long and unless you show me that you respect me as a Negro woman, you’ll get no goddamn respect from me. Respect has to be earned, motherfuckers, and you ain’t earned it! So, don’t come to me to bail your ass out of jail. Don’t come to me when you’ve broken your goddamn knee and can’t shoot hoops for the motherfucking Caucasian man and that Caucasian bitch you married, sued your ass for divorce and your broke ass can’t afford a moped. Think for one goddamn second that I am going to drop everything and cuddle you and tell you that you’re still valued and some more shit. Never fucking think it. Keep kicking my ass and see what you get. Keep thinking that I am always going to be forgiving and in your corner, come what may. You better wake the fuck up, you Negro assed motherfucker and recognize that when the shit hits the fan on your ass, you got nobody BUT me and when all is said and done, I’m all you need. You are nothing without the Negro woman and your punk ass bitch ass can’t even see that???!!!!

This ain’t some lies ‘Straight Outta Compton’. This is straight up truth! Deal with it! And, again! Wake the fuck up and act like you know! The Caucasians ain’t playing with your ass and when you divide us by brutalizing us, you WILL fall!BULEE DAT!

18 thoughts on “Negro Women, Stop Taking The Abuse!

  1. Ouch, ain’t that the brutal truth. Brothers are learning tho, assault & battery charges no joke. Unless you happen to be rap superstar (Chris Brown) who’s making $$$ for white corporate entertainment industry, u’r ass is going to jail.


      1. B/c beyond superficial skin color and culture, i consider all ppl brothers & sisters of the human race. It is due to ignorance, bigotry & fear that we separate and fight with one another. My choice is to love and unite the ppl rather than hate and divide. I don’t condone violence, no matter what color or sex, nobody deserves to be beaten, belittled and disrespected. Domestic violence has got to stop, i strongly support Shelby’s position, bringing this issue to light. Peace everyone.


      2. Thank you N.S. for stating the obvious. I’ll take it from here.

        Now, then, 1EarthUnited is calling us ‘brothers’ because 1EarthUnited is mistaken or in other words has identity issues. Though we all bleed the same red blood, shed the same salty tears and when we shit, it smells bad, we are not the same, nor are we all brothers and sisters.

        The Caucasians are not bleeding for the same reasons the Negro is bleeding. The Caucasian is not shedding tears for the same reasons the Negro is shedding tears and the Caucasian is not smelling the same shit that we smell because our life experiences make us different. It does not unite us. It does not make us brothers and sisters. It does not mean that we have a lot in common. We don’t

        Caucasians are not lying bleeding in the street, dead from a bullet fired from the gun of a racist, but the Negro is. Caucasians are not followed around a store because of the color of their skin, but the Negro is. Caucasians were not dragged to AmeriKKKa to become slaves, the Negro was. Caucasians did not have their sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers sold up and down the river, never to know who they are truly related to, the Negro was. This makes us different. This makes the Caucasian privileged because the Caucasian was never subjugated, the Negro was subjugated by the Caucasian. The Caucasian can be racist, but the Negro cannot be. Unclear as to why? Who owns what? How many Caucasians have been denied home loans by banks owned by the Negro? How many Caucasians have been denied a job based on their skin color by the Negro? How many Caucasians have been lynched by the Negro? How many Caucasians have had their culture appropriated by the Negro? If the Negro is attempting to assimilate into the Caucasians world, it is due to the fact that the Caucasian has drummed it into the Negro that unless he/she assimilates, he/she will remain at the bottom of the totem pole and so the Negro becomes a sell-out. The Negro sells his soul for the Caucasians table scraps. So, yes, we are different. We are not the same and we are definitely NOT brothers and sisters because you have no concept of what my life is like. Your kind, for want of a better word has been hell bent on eradicating mine and I for one, don’t appreciate it.

        And another thing, I have been called everything from nigger to colored to African-American to Black by the Caucasians. Can the Caucasian say the same? Of course not. Has the birth certificate of the Caucasian changed down through the years depending on the whim of the Negro? Does the Caucasian’s ethnicity box on their birth certificate differ from the one on their death certificate? In many cases, the Negro’s does. Some of us are born with ‘colored’ checked on the ethnicity box and African-American or Black upon death.

        How can I be African-American? An African-American is an African that immigrated to America and became an American citizen. That is not how I got here. I am here because my ancestors were dragged here to become slaves and were given ‘new’ names and designations by the Caucasians. I did not get into a boat and row to the shores of America, get off at Ellis Island and get processed. That is not my history. And if I was African, why am I not allowed in Africa without my American passport? If I am African, I should be able to go to Africa and go anywhere I please without the need for somebody to see ‘my papers’. Africa does not recognize me as one of her citizens, but then again, neither does America. Is this the Caucasians lot in life? Here in America, are you a Caucasian without a country? Because I am most definitely a Negro without a country. And just to give you a clue as to why. Read this while I weep!

        Tuskegee syphilis experiment, anyone?

        For forty years, from 1932 to 1972, 399 African-American males were denied treatment for syphilis and deceived by officials of the United States Public Health Service.

        As part of a study conducted in Macon County, Alabama, poor sharecroppers were told they were being treated for “bad blood.” In fact, the physicians in charge of the study ensured that these men went untreated. In the 25 years since its details first were revealed, the Tuskegee Syphilis study has become a powerful symbol of racism in medicine, unethical human research, and government abuse of the vulnerable.

        And listed below are others.

        “During slavery days, when they were recognized in law as only three-fifths of a man, African-Americans were thrown into burning hot pits by white physicians seeking a cure for sunstroke and had boiling water poured on them by white doctors determined to develop a cure for typhoid and pneumonia.

        Free to use and abuse African-Americans as they pleased, white surgeons cracked open and probed the brains of black children and operated on the genitals of enslaved black women, all without Anesthetics . One white physician even pressed hot pokers onto the legs and arms of enslaved African-Americans to discover “how deep black skin was.”

        The exploitation of African-Americans for medical research did not end with slavery. It continued long afterwards.” – See more at:

        So, to be clear, we are not sisters and brothers and N.S. was right on point! Because here I was, walking around all ignorant and some more shit, calling myself something that the Caucasian has ‘labeled’ me when I am a Negro based on the Negroid race. And I want to thank The MilitantNegro™ for educating me. Apparently, it is never too late to learn, if the mind is open to it.


      3. True. We are not the same people as the West Africans and they will tell you themselves. We don’t look like them or have the same culture.

        African-American is not a term that should be used for us.


  2. WOW!!! Great post! We gotta start taking the misogynist abusive, predatory black males to tasks. Many in the Black Community protect these males at the expense of the safety and well-being of Black women and girls to save face with the white man. It’s not helping black women, girls, and the “community” at all.


    1. Thank you for that most enthusiastic comment TheOriginalBlackWoman13! We do need to take them to task because as far as I am concerned, it is an epidemic and it needs to stop. And though we did not necessarily hear of the prevalence of this many decades ago, it was happening even then and continues to this day.

      If Black women turned their back on the men that abuse them, have no respect for them and treat them as if they’re nothing but a punching bag, that, I think, would make some of them sit up and take notice, not all of them, no, but it could be a beginning. If a man is beating my ass, I am not going to continue to take it. I have been down that road and I refuse to go back down it. I would rather be by my damn self than put up with a misogynistic asshole that would beat me down for simply looking cross-eyed.

      My best friend called me and begged me to come over to her house and bring a camera. When I got there, the door was lying on the floor and her face was damn near unrecognizable and half her hair was gone. I proceeded to do what I could, took the pictures and to court she went. A month later, she was back with him and that is when I got the call that he had sliced open her waterbed and tried to drown her in it. Another woman had seen her with this guy at the mall and had tried to tell her that he was bad news because he had gone onto her job and knocked her on the floor and when she got home, everything she had had been thrown through the walls.

      My sister was a victim of abuse by her husband, my mother, myself, my cousin, several co-workers and other friends. We have all been through hell with these Black men and I for one am done with their ass. That is why I stated in another comment that I am SO damn glad that I stand on my own two feet and don’t need the bastards for a damn thing because I am all for NO drama, no beatings and no bullshit!

      I thank you for your comment!


  3. Though some of my lost brothers do this, the vast majority of us men do not attack women. I do not approve of this behavior. However, and not to take away the responsibility from those who did this, a lot of these women will not do anything to change the situation.


    1. N.S. thank you for your comment and I can appreciate that from your standpoint, you feel that there is a ‘vast majority’ who don’t attack women. From my perspective, there is a vast majority that do! From my experiences alone, I can cite episode after episode after episode of Black men abusing Black women and yes, I did take steps to get away from my abuser but it wasn’t easy because my generation was taught that a few wallops up side the head was to be expected and no big deal. My mother spent her life with a man that beat her down every single weekend and on holidays, she got a double dose. Did she divorce him? Hell no! When I asked her years after my father passed, why did she stay with him, her response to me was, “I thought things would get better.” Forty some years of that and that was her answer. It was no answer at all and all I could do was look at her with wide-eyed incredulity because it made no sense. And that is why I was never encouraged to leave my abusive husband because it was like something that was passed down from generation to generation, as horrific as that sounds.

      Yes, I am older and wiser now and when I look back, I cannot believe that I took so much abuse before finally having enough. I could offer up reasons as to why some women remain with abusive men and even go back to them once they’ve left them, but it would be pure speculation on my part. We are all individuals and we do what we do for our own reasons; maybe out of fear, uncertainty, misplaced love, financial reasons or whatever. I do know that for me, I had to come to terms with what I feared the most, another contusion, black eye and busted lip or fear of what would become of me by taking flight. I was filled with fear either way, but something in me, decided that I would just have to take a chance and get out before it got worse and hope for the best. It was the right thing to do.

      I can only put it out there and hope that women read this and know that there are many of us that have been in their shoes and we were terrified also of what would become of us if we left, but we already know what is going to happen if we stay. We must somehow, find the strength to remove ourselves from that environment.

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


      1. I disagree with you on the vast majority but there it is unquestionably a problem. We are not supposed to behave like that. A lot of those women, I agree, should instead take the steps to change the situation.


  4. I’m from the Caribbean and I grew up seeing my father abuse my mother, even tried to kill her right before my eyes. My mother is happily married now and daddy dearest, well he’s in his cold grave. All in all I agree with you, domestic violence is an ugly affair and it needs to be combatted at every opportunity


    1. Thank you for stopping by nidotopianwarrior! Welcome!

      Well, if you have read the previous comments of mine, then you know that I too, grew in like environment and it wasn’t pretty. My mother never married again. I guess enough was enough when my dad died.

      I am so glad to know that your dear mother found happiness with all that she had been through. I would hazard that the difference in her is like night and day. The dark, brutality of domestic violence is gone and she can finally breathe again without fear.

      Again, I thank you for your comment. I love to see a new ‘face’. Don’t be a stranger.


  5. Atomic Anger Bomb
    radiation does not discriminate in any direction
    dead is dead
    abuse is abuse

    Miles Davis on selecting Bill Evans as a pianist for the ground breaking music of Kind of Blue — “I don’t care if he is purple with green polka dots.” It was the creation of NEW music that mattered most–the ability to improvise and create with others.

    Is there anyone in the world who isn’t pissed off about everything?
    I suspect not.


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