Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Go To Hell!

suicide of the rich is a public health problem for the CDC



And here we go again! Read the headline and if this isn’t some goddamn shit, then I don’t know what is!

CDC investigates why so many high school students in wealthy Palo Alto have committed suicide

Over the course of nine months in 2009 and 2010, six Palo Alto teenagers committed suicide. Between 2010 and 2014, an average of 20 children and young adults died of suicide annually in Santa Clara County.

In response to what Santa Clara County officials have called an urgent public health problem, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is launching an epidemiological study on teen suicide in the area. A team of suicide prevention specialists are arriving in Santa Clara this Tuesday for a two-week site visit.

While these federal teams generally act on infectious disease outbreaks, the San Jose Mercury News reported, this investigation signals a rare instance of CDC dispatching a unit for a chronic health issue.

Let me get this straight! Twenty rich white kids die annually from committing suicide and the CDC considers this to be a ‘public health problem’ and decides to investigate. How is this a public health problem? And why is it that inner city kids who get gunned down by the hundreds is not perceived as a public health problem? Why is it not a public health problem when Black people are gunned down by the hundreds annually by racist KKKops? Why is there no investigation being initiated by the CDC over this public health problem? Twenty white kids kill themselves and an investigation is launched. Hundreds of Black kids die because of their situation of lead in the water as is the case in Flint, MI, NO water as is the case in Detroit, MI and Baltimore, MD, getting caught in the line of gang-related gun violence, getting themselves shot dead by KKKops for playing in parks and yet, there is no cause for alarm or for a CDC investigation. I just cannot make this shit up!

Because rich white kids’ parents have the money to persuade lawmakers and the CDC and every goddamn body else to get onboard with finding out why their kids are committing suicide, therein lies the reason for this investigation. How many poor Black parents have the resources to get the CDC off its ass to look into the plight of our Black children who are suffering through no fault of their own in inner cities that haven’t yet gone through the gentrification process? And why hasn’t the CDC initiated an investigation into how many poor Black kids have been rendered homeless by gentrification? Why is that not a public health problem? Why did the water shut-off crisis in Detroit not get the CDC off its ass and declare that to be a public health problem? Even the United Nations declared the Detroit water shut-offs to be a human rights violation. Why didn’t the CDC intervene on behalf of the poor Black children in Flint, MI when it was found that lead was poisoning their water? If anything is a public health problem, poisoned water is a public health problem. But from the CDC, all we heard was the sound of crickets chirping. I fucking wonder why! Like hell I do! Money talks and those Black people don’t have any to talk for them!

Black folks, do you still not know where you stand in this shithole? Are you seriously thinking that you are going to get some relief from mass incarceration, poisoned water, skyrocketing rents while your wages remain stagnant, gentrification, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass unemployment of inner city youth, homelessness, drug addiction and the goddamn list is endless? Of course not. You don’t have any goddamn money and therefore, you are rendered voiceless. Our children have no need to commit suicide simply because they have too much shit and don’t know what to do with it, our children are too busy being a victim of genocide. But we need to focus on twenty rich white kids who committed suicide because THAT right there is a public health problem; a crisis of the highest magnitude and stop that shit right now, goddamn it!

You see, it is a really ugly ass nightmare being the kid of rich parents. There is just so much pressure to achieve and succeed and follow in mommy and daddy’s footsteps because they expect everything from their children. They expect them to become investment bankers and corporate lawyers and the expectations are just too much for the kids of the filthy rich to deal with and so they have no choice but to go and play on the train tracks. They have no choice but to bungee jump off a really high ass cliff. So little Black kids, this is why you don’t want to be rich. It comes with too many issues and problems and bungee cords attached. Of course, there is no problem of where you are going to sleep at night; what with fifteen bedrooms to choose from. There is no problem of what you are going to eat because all you need do is grab your wallet with twenty credit cards in it, jump into your brand new Bentley and cruise in style to the nearest upscale restaurant and voila! Carte blanche! And if you mow somebody down after having shown the bartender a fake ID and got wasted, well there’s that ‘Affluenza’ defense that can be put to use to get the lily white-assed shits off. But being the kid of rich white parents is not at all easy and so committing suicide is en vogue. All the rich white kids are doing it and their parents can pay for some officials to come down hard on the CDC to investigate and put an end to that horrible new public health problem of “Too Rich To Want To Live!” That is THE public health problem of today! Never mind, the real problems that plague Black communities all across this shithole that really is of epidemic proportions. Who cares about that shit? Certainly NOT the CDC. They’re too busy running around in rich neighborhoods trying to find out why little bad ass Johnny can’t deal with being rich. Ain’t that a bitch?

Here’s an idea! What about the parents? Where are the parents of these suicides? Why haven’t they stepped up to the plate to find out why their offspring are ‘offing’ themselves? Why are the parents not trying to figure this shit out? Because as usual, they just pay someone else to figure shit out while they enjoy the relaxing facial treatment at the spa, while they engage in a much needed game of golf, while they are busy taking an around-the-world-cruise. Let the CDC figure it all out and fill ’em in when they get back from that extended vacation. Meanwhile, little bad ass Johnny, here’s another credit card, now get out of my face!

I am past fed the fuck up with this endless, in our face shit that is almost too outrageous to be believed. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the CDC has initiated an investigation of twenty rich white kids in California that committed suicide and this has all but been declared, a public health emergency. For the love of ……!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, there ain’t a goddamn thing wrong in poor Black communities all across this country that has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of deaths, annually. No cause for concern. No cause for alarm. No cause for a CDC investigation. It is just the business as usual of the genocide of the Negro race! Now let’s celebrate this shit during Black History Month!

15 thoughts on “Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Go To Hell!

  1. LMAO! “Too Rich To Want To Live!” – Now ain’t that rich… since when did suicide become a disease? I have a idea… swap kids! Make this into a new reality show: Blaine & Courtney in Flint, MI Survivor.


    1. Now, remember in the article, it states, “the CDC is launching an epidemiological study on teen suicide.” Now, what is the meaning of epidemiology?

      Epidemiology: the study of how disease spreads and can be controlled

      So, how right you are to question how in the hell did “Too Rich To Want To Live” become a disease that spreads like the plague? I don’t have it! And I know millions of others; billions in fact, don’t have it. It’s not being spread like the Black plague and that’s for damn sure! It’s not sweeping the nation because reports from almost all fronts suggest quite the opposite; people are too poor to piss straight. But it’s time to get out the charts and graphs and disease controlling paraphernalia and get this serious outbreak under control. Millions of rich white kids are coming down with this…uh…I mean, twenty rich white kids annually, are coming down with this.

      There is a real simple cure for what ails the “Too Rich To Want To Live” crowd. Place them with Black families on the South Side of Chicago for one week. They’ll find out quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry just what it means to have problems and issues of monumental proportions and the kids in Chicago and New Orleans and Detroit don’t even have time to figure out what suicide is; they are too busy trying to survive. And that is where your “Survivor” comes in1EarthUnited!

      Like I said, “Ya just can’t make this shit up!”

      Thank you for your comment!

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  2. These kids are the most unhappy. Overbearing parents, dysfunctional upbringing, fake and empty existences. Being the golden child ain’t so golden. I worked as a counselor and these kids have high rates of eating disorders, incest, and prescription drug abuse. These people bring nothing positive to society.


    1. Well, if they are unhappy, I can only imagine how unhappy poor Black kids are who are listening to their empty stomachs growling, who are going to bed in a homeless shelter because their parents couldn’t pay the rent and gentrification added to their burdens. I can only imagine how unhappy poor Black kids are who have parents incarcerated on bullshit drug charges, who have no health insurance and who are sitting somewhere sick thanks to lead in their water, who are dodging bullets just to go to school; a school that is dead set on sending them straight from the classroom into a prison cell. Yeah! I’ll be sure to get around to crying a river for those REAL seriously unhappy rich white kids just as soon as I finish shedding REAL tears of anguish for the Black kids who get less sympathy than a stray dog.

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      1. Their unhappy because of their shallow existence. I blame their empty shell parents. They get what they deserve, harsh as that sounds. You’re right though about your comment.


    1. LMAO! Skulz, you always manage to crack me up!! I like YOUR style! You DA man!! I love it!!!!! Yeah! Let’s all sob for some pampered shits that’s got the world at their feet. People who really need our sympathy and empathy can just get stuffed while we sit here and wring our hands and gnash our teeth over these worthless wastes of skin! I wish the hell I thought!!

      Your comment takes the PRIZE!!! Thank you!!!!!!


    1. I am practically speechless! We have been nothing but guinea pigs. The slaves were experimented on in ways so horrifying, only a thing could do what was done to them. The few studies that we know about are bad enough, but I can only try and imagine the extent of the experiments. I am damn well sure that prisoners are experimented on daily. So many have died and their family members were never able to view the bodies and were simply told that their incarcerated loved one, died. No explanation was given.

      These goddamn vile ass rejects from hell have caused so much fucking suffering with their abject cruelty and barbarity and depravity and yet, they get ‘immunity’. I can’t take anymore tonight. Shelby, signing off!


  3. I think it’s pretty obvious by now that the CDC is just another federal regulatory agency service the interest of the corporate elite and the rich white people who support their interests.


    1. Thank you! That is exactly my point! Who else but the rich could get the CDC off its ass to investigate something as ridiculous as this. Meanwhile, Black children can just drink lead-tainted water and drop dead or have their water shut-off and drink….uh…I don’t know what because THE focus is on twenty rich white kids that just couldn’t tolerate the problem of being too rich! Seriously, I don’t know why I bother! This shit is just too ridiculously beyond believable and yet, it’s happening! SIGH!

      Dr. Bramhall, thank you for your comment. Once again, spot on!


  4. 20 rich white kids? Really Shelby? Now this isn’t so much directed at you per se, but it’s just so ridiculous that I am practically at a loss for words…..As an aspiring writer even I couldn’t make this shit up…. I swear reality is better than fiction

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    1. Isn’t it though? I find myself saying that more times than I can count, “Reality IS stranger than fiction.” And I am not insulted, I realize the utter ridiculousness of this and that is why I posted it because my audience is from all around the world and my sincere hope and wish is that people get some idea of how sick, twisted, ridiculous, foul, vile, barbaric, fucked up and ludicrous the worthless shits in this shithole really are.

      I thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior.


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