‘The Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin, Got No R-E-S-P-E-C-T At Her Own Funeral


Now, I will admit that I did not watch the funeral. I only saw a snippet and a picture and I was too through. It seems to me that Aretha Franklin’s funeral was a circus of horrors otherwise known as a ‘freak show’ because the freaks came out in droves.

I have heard that some Reverend by the name of Jasper Williams gave the eulogy which was 50 minutes long and consisted of every topic imaginable, but said next to nothing about who he was there to eulogize, Aretha Franklin. Also, I have heard that the family of the deceased, is quite upset with the Reverend over his ‘eulogy’.

His eulogy “caught the entire family off guard,” Vaughn Franklin said. The family had not discussed what Williams would say in advance, he said.

“It has been very, very distasteful,” he said.

Would you buy a car without seeing it first? The same premise holds here. Why ask someone to eulogize your loved one, but never ask to see what it is he is going to say about her? Because if that had occurred, they could have nipped at least one distasteful moment in the bud at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

The eulogist, the Reverend Jasper Williams Jr., described children being in a home without a father as “abortion after birth” and said black lives do not matter unless blacks stop killing each other.

Aretha Franklin was a single mother of boys and I do not believe that any of them killed each other and so what point was the Reverend trying to make here? And “abortion after birth?” What the hell is that? And how could Aretha Franklin have engaged in that when her sons are alive even as she lies dead?

So, instead of expounding on the life of Aretha Franklin and all that she overcame as it relates to being a Black woman and a single mother in AmeriKKKa, who I am sure experienced much racism, experienced Jim Crow; the whole nine yards and then some, he instead, focuses on what ails the Black community? And this from a Reverend? Why am I not surprised? I am not surprised for the same reason you will never find me sitting up listening to lies, lies and damn lies by so-called ‘men of the cloth’ who are nothing more than pimps attempting to ‘pimp’ their congregations into some fake ass heaven as a reward for keeping his/her ass decked out in the finest threads while driving around in expensive style. ‘Religion’ is for the weak-minded who cannot think for themselves and who believe in childish fairy tales because growing up is just something they absolutely refuse to do.

Even when Black women do not get abortions, according to the Reverend, they are still, somehow, able to have abortions performed on male children who are born because if the father of the child is not around for whatever reason, it is ALL the fault of the Black woman. Is he then stating that Black women should abort their babies since, according to the Reverend, they cannot be sure if the baby is going to be a male child and will end up “aborted” anyway because their father is not around? Now, I am quite sure that this Reverend has had an extensive, expensive education, however, someone should get a refund because this man is clueless and stupid. And I am quite sure that his church is filled to overflowing on Sundays with people nodding their heads and “Amening” everything that this clueless and stupid asshole has to say, no matter how ridiculous it all sounds.

Here we go with that “Black on Black” crime shit again! As if he does not have any clue as to what is going down in Black communities, nationwide. He is well aware that drugs and drug turf wars are being fought in every city in this shithole. The lame stream media, controlled by whites is certainly not going to report the crime statistics of other groups because Black people are to always be viewed as the most violent thugs and thugettes to ever have crawled into slave ships and rowed to these fucked up shores. No mention is ever made of the fact of the violence that is perpetrated against people based solely on the color of their skin by skinhead groups and the Klan and other white nationalist groups. No one says a thing about the gangs whose members hail from south of the border. No one says a thing about the many ‘other’ white gangs that terrorize cities. Cities like Chicago, you would think, only have Black gang members in them and when there are shootings and murder, it is often reported that Black people are killing other Black people all over the city of Chicago. That is not true. And don’t even get me started on the fact of white male mass murderers never getting lumped into ‘high crime’ statistics because of once again, who controls the media, controls the narrative and so white male mass murderers cannot help themselves because we are told that they are all mentally ill!

The gun violence is mostly concentrated in high poverty areas which we all know are where Black people are segregated and who have no hope of getting out. When a group of people are packed tightly into one area and the only business that’s going strong is drugs, what the hell do you think is going to happen? Exactly what the whites intended to happen. And meanwhile, they’ve got bougie Blacks onboard screaming and yelling to all and sundry that “Black on Black” crime needs to end so that then we can all agree that “Black lives matter!” Black lives have never mattered to the whites who have seen to it that people who were owned are still owned and for the most part, still don’t own a goddamn thing. The Black people segregated in those communities are on lock down as if they are in prison. They are only allowed to go so far and it ain’t damn far that they are allowed to go and that is by design and don’t that fucked up Reverend know this, but he is pimping for the whites.

Our Black youth are denied jobs. They are purposefully being groomed to head straight from a classroom into a prison cell and so why do you think they are being dumbed down? It is to make sure that the status quo continues in that the only ‘good’ Black person is a dead one or an incarcerated one; incarcerated inside a ‘For Profit Prison’. Yes indeed, blame the victim of  a system built up on a bullshit ‘white superiority’ aka ‘supremacy’ platform for being its victim. We as Black people don’t stand a chance in this shithole called AmeriKKKa. We never did and despite all the marches, sit-ins, protests and Civil Rights leaders, we are still at square one and there is not a goddamn thing we can do about that except hope that the white man’s shit continues to wash right past his pasty ass and hope that the climate change that the white man caused, causes his demise. He is going take us all out with him, but what the fuck do we have to lose? He is the motherfucker who is ALL about his possessions, not us!

This clueless, stupid Reverend wants to talk about abortion? What is the definition of abort? “Bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault”. Our Black lives were aborted the minute, our PROBLEM, the white man showed his pasty face in Africa and absconded with our ancestors because what do we as Black folks have to show for our existence in AmeriKKKa? And the few who do make a couple of dollars look down on those who don’t as if it is something that they are doing wrong when as Black people, we can do everything right and still end up in prison or shot dead by racist police because our lives were aborted when whites showed up in Africa and they are still over there aborting Black lives in Africa to this very day! Ask Bill Gates and the Red Cross and the U.S. military and the Chinese, the French and hell! Just go on down the line!

And lastly, if you want to hear a nice eulogy about your loved one, make sure that you look over what you are going to get before you pay for it because only by doing so, will you have no regrets especially seeing as how Reverend Williams was not the only asshole in attendance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral to show her no R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Could Ariana Grande’s dress have been any shorter? Because where the hemline was, I am sure those in back could probably tell us that she had no panties on. But then look at the freaks who are in the front row. Freak after freak after freak. Unfortunately, this picture does not show that Bill Clinton’s sexual predator ass was in attendance and staring at what Grande was oh so willing to display. Why Aretha Franklin didn’t get up and put an end to her own funeral freak show, I will never know because that was, for sure, some wake the dead shit right there!

11 thoughts on “‘The Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin, Got No R-E-S-P-E-C-T At Her Own Funeral

    1. Kelley, I should not have been surprised at the antics displayed during Aretha Franklin’s funeral because when a bunch of bougie Black folks attempt to put on a show, you can best believe that there is going to be some crazy ass shenanigans and there were. I have read that some Black speaker ‘felt up’ Grande and stated that he thought she was a “taco item on Taco Bell’s menu” and on and on it went. They seriously took ALL the dignity from that woman’s funeral and it was a damn shame that it was allowed to devolve into a circus because it was also stated that when Reverend dude was going on and on about “Black lives not mattering to Black folks,” Stevie Wonder was yelling out, “Black lives matter!” What the hell did any of that have to do with giving Aretha Franklin, a proper send off? Not a goddamn thing! “Dignity” was never in attendance. That woman’s funeral was turned into an event, a circus, a freak show and it certainly did not do justice to Aretha Franklin; quite the opposite.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. From what I have read, it was indeed! I just cannot believe that Aretha Franklin’s sendoff was turned into a circus sideshow by those absurd acts of ridiculousness. The woman has to be turning over in her grave!

        Thanks Kelley!

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  1. That Reverend is funny and he talked about no sense,I would like ask him Can he explain me how can be possible the black on black crime be so high when the black people make only the 13% of US population?
    I mean statistical data should be compared with the mathematical numbers,which for me doesn’t make sense,people always talk about black on black crime like is happened daily,why they never talk about white on white crime?
    Wp use black on black crime as excuse to justify or better hide their dirty secrets,because they don’t want show to whole world how criminals and dangerous creature they are!
    A smart person can clearly understand that this is has been used as excuse to cover their vile and dirty secrets!
    If he was a smart man,he could understand that wp want bp be involved in drug,crime,war between gangs,ghetto,poverty,injustice and so on!
    It isn’t because that black people want to have this kind life and because the shit system doesn’t want give to them better opportunity!
    He said about the abortion,Ok here we are again,he is certainly a puppet, self-hatred man and coon, who speaks under the command of his masters,unfortunately we are living in a patriarchal society and BM have adapted perfectly into this society, behaving and speaking as if they are WM,because every single shit WM do or say BM copy!
    Is not BW fault,we shouldn’t always take all the shit because irresponsible men don’t want to take responsibility,the responsibility is should be both men and women,if they aren’t interest to have serious relationship they are different ways to avoid pregnancy,I mean we are living in time where we can’t avoid pregnancy instead use abortion!
    How can it be so difficult to understand? Come on!
    I see WW who have children from different men or are unmarried and no anyone complain about it!
    I saw BM with WW who had white kids with previous relationship,and they married them and have other children and no anyone complain about it!
    Every single time always talk about shit on BW always and always,when a woman gets pregnant it is her fault,never man! YEAH,because vile and cowardly man runs from his responsibility,when he can avoid the problem!
    That Reverend why didn’t he talk about how to educate or teach young people to use
    precautions and be safe? Instead he threw shit and insult BW when he was memorising the death of Aretha and black on black crime? He could use his speech form better cause,help difficult young black people and take them out from crime and gangs or how to give them better chance?
    WHY? Because he has dead head!


    1. I wanted to say that we can avoid pregnancy instead used abortion,if people aren’t in serious relationship,because abortion doesn’t resolve the problem!
      If people start use their brain and use precautions instead always use their sexual dearies for once in their life,maybe we didn’t have all these problems!

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    2. “Can he explain me how can be possible the black on black crime be so high when the black people make only the 13% of US population?
      I mean statistical data should be compared with the mathematical numbers,which for me doesn’t make sense,people always talk about black on black crime like is happened daily,why they never talk about white on white crime?”

      qnubian528, no one can explain that to you because that is not something that whites want bandied about, the fact that there is no way in hell that given our population count and even if you do the math, we are still NOT the group that is in a ‘high crime’ category. Whites are all over that category like white on rice, but they want to point to some cities that have a drug and gang violence problem thanks to abject poverty, no jobs or low wage jobs and point the finger at Black people and claim that we have high rates of ‘Black on Black’ crime when before the good manufacturing jobs left AmeriKKKa, the Black unemployment rate was low. But white corporate AmeriKKKa decided that it was more profitable to ship jobs overseas to overseas sweatshops and that is where they went and then, drugs were introduced into segregated Black ‘communities’ which became HUD (Housing and Urban Development) ghettos and this too, was done by design. Black people once enjoyed high rates of home ownership, but the whites through imminent domain and other nefarious practices took their homes, and forced them to have to apply for HUD housing in projects in specified areas so that then, some other white motherfucker in the form of a landlord could amass millions from housing poor Black people who had been dispossessed of their property and instead relocated them into substandard housing because HUD approved housing is ALL substandard and I know this for a fucking fact!

      And you are right again when you say,

      “we are living in a patriarchal society and BM have adapted perfectly into this society, behaving and speaking as if they are WM,because every single shit WM do or say BM copy!
      Is not BW fault,we shouldn’t always take all the shit because irresponsible men don’t want to take responsibility,the responsibility is should be both men and women”

      Some Black men are indeed, trying to emulate the fucked up behavior of white men in many ways, but there is also another factor and that is that the Black man is being incarcerated in record numbers and so that right there contributes to the problem of Black women raising children on their own. Black men especially, are being murdered on the streets damn near everyday and if not murdered, then they are locked up for years for selling a dime bag of weed. They are then abused and made to work for corporations inside FOR PROFIT PRISONS making license plates, clothing, acting as customer service reps for insurance companies, phone companies and they are also being made to fight wildfires that are destroying the white man’s property. And there are many other ‘jobs’ that these inmates are made to perform and little or no money do they get from that and so there is no money from these ‘jobs’ going on the outside to help the Black woman raise an inmate’s child. This is ALL DONE BY DESIGN! Any pennies that the inmates receive from forced inmate labor goes directly back to the corporations who are making a killing off phone cards, commissary and forced inmate labor. This is slavery by definition even as we were told that slavery was abolished, but the 13th Amendment allows for involuntary servitude otherwise known as SLAVERY if you have been convicted of a crime. Wasn’t it so ‘nice’ for the ‘white’ man to include that in the deal? Yeah! I’m real fucking shocked. And please note the sarcasm there.

      As for the abortion issue and contraceptives, practicing ‘safe sex’ and ‘sex to avoid pregnancy’ has always been aimed at the female. Men get a free pass here because if you check out Planned Parenthood’s website, you will see that the sole focus is on the female. There really is no mention of the male in their role in reproduction and yet the so-called christians are out for blood when women abort their babies, but don’t have a problem when a child is born into abject poverty. They don’t want their tax dollars going to help support a child that they did NOT want aborted and yet the female is lambasted for NOT aborting the child and lambasted if she has a child and needs help in the care of said child. And as Black women, we are always seen as “welfare ghetto queens who can’t keep our legs closed” and yet, statistics, which whites like to ignore as you so aptly stated, prove that whites are on the dole more so than Black people have ever been.

      Even the Indians used to say that, “White man speak with forked tongue” and they ought to know. And it means, they are lying every single time they open their fucking mouths. Never trust them. Never believe them.

      And as for the so-called ‘Black clergy’, they are utterly useless when it comes to doing anything about what ails Black America because their only interest is in acquiring expensive shit and listening to the sound of their own voices because they are all narcissistic assholes who will without a doubt,be the first to bust their so-called hell wide open with their hypocritical, fake holy asses.

      qnubian528, I thank you for yet another spot on comment. I appreciate it.

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    1. Yes, I do believe the data because it is true. And what gets me is that NO one talks about ‘white on Black’ crime especially seeing as how that is a seriously HUGE ass problem! Whites kill more Black people than Black people kill Black people and ‘whites’ are killing other ‘whites’ at record numbers but because of who owns the media, it is never going to get reported on. Whites have ALWAYS did everything they could to hide the vicious, vile and atrocious shit they do. They are the only group of people who have not one iota of humanity for if they did, they would not traipse all across this planet in search of people to steal from, take over their lands and murder them.

      Black people have never dropped atomic bombs on others. That was a crime, but you will never hear the whites state the truth in that. Whites have experimented on indigenous peoples that resulted in their death which was intentional, but you will not hear whites expound upon that. Whites have bombed and drone-struck millions of people, but they don’t view that as a crime because they are depraved, brutal psychopaths who are without conscience, empathy or compassion. They are walking death. They are what they do; cause everybody else’s demise when those demonic shits need to be wiped off the face of this gawdforsaken planet, quick, fast and in a fucking hurry.

      And so qnubian528, if you ever see outrageously high statistics of white on Black crime and on white on white crime rates, you can best believe that the information is true. The sad fact is the statistics would still be too low in regards to the true numbers because those white demons are natural born killers. Just look at all the white male mass murderers who get a free pass because the whites declare them to be ‘mentally ill’. They ALWAYS make excuses for their murdering ways and they always will while pointing the finger at others and exclaiming that they are the problem when the problem to ALL other groups on this planet is anything walking around pasty-faced and parasitic and that would be the Caucasians and the Asians.

      qnubian528, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Is funny everything is “mentally ill’ I don’t think so they know the meaning of mentally ill,mental ill people don’t go around kill innocent people!
    Yeah I do believe on this data,but I do believe that for me is too low,because what they have done it’s too hight!
    They always afraid of us that one day we will kill all of them,they are always looking at us with terror but history doesn’t lie,the only people they should feel afraid of themselve,they are the their own real enemy
    The only favour they can do for all of us it’s just go forever and don’t come back!

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    1. qnubian528, whites excuse their criminal behavior by labeling it a mental illness even as they call Black people, thugs and Muslims are called terrorists, Black people are thugs and whites are mentally ill when they commit crimes. Whites are parasitic, depraved psychopaths, but they know what they are doing. They also hate it when you call them out because they cannot stand when it is pointed out to them, the vile ass shit they do. They will double down on attacking you then. That is why they re-write history to make themselves look better when nothing could make those psychotic, filthy shits fit for hell!

      And of course they are afraid of us because they know how atrocious they are treating us and they would expect people who have been subjected to what they have subjected us to, to hate, despise and loathe their ass to the point of killing them. But the thing is, Black people have never had the ‘gene’ that makes white people psychotic murderers who enslave people for profit and steal everything that’s not nailed down.

      But one thing I do know is that this planet is trying to help us in wiping their vile asses out of here. It is destroying everything they hold dear; their fucking possessions are burning the hell up from one end of this planet to the other and between the floods and the massive hurricanes that are tearing unholy hell out of their island and shoreline paradises, they are running out of time and places to go. Their time is just about up and that is why they have become more rabid and depraved. But it will not stop what is coming for their ass. We need only hang on!

      qnubian528, I thank you for your comment.

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