Nipsey Hussle Never Forgot Where He Came From! He Tried To Give Back! Rest In Peace, Brotha!



He Was Rising To The Top!

Try to make a difference and they kill you just like that.
They’ll blame it on a brotha and say they had a beef; a spat.
The white man ain’t gone let us get his boot up off our neck.
To see our lives improve ain’t why he went and stacked the deck.
It don’t matter what year this is, we is slaves, it ain’t gone change;
Hyde Park, Compton, Detroit, DC, we’re still in bullet range.
We git big for our britches and the white man slaps us down!
He makes sure that in our own blood, we lie somewhere and drown.
With surveillance cameras everywhere, we still don’t stand a chance.
A Black man’s gone git blamed for this, that’s gone be the official stance.
The Klan took Nipsey’s life and don’t you tell me otherwise.
With Trump inside the White House, that shit is on the rise.
Nipsey hustled long and he was rising to the top.
The whites couldn’t let that happen and so they got that shit to stop.
Believe whatever you want to believe, but the truth is there to see;
Nipsey was killed by a racist and not by some gangsta wannabe!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2019 Shelby I. Courtland

I am sure that all of you are aware that rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered right outside his store in Hyde Park in Los Angeles, south of the Crenshaw area.

5:46 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ  … the suspect cops are looking for is a black male in his 20s. We’re told he approached Nipsey and co. by foot Sunday afternoon and fired multiple shots … only to depart right after in what we’re told appeared to be a nearby waiting vehicle with a separate driver, who our sources say was female. 

5:12 PM PT — Our law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Nipsey Hussle has died. He was 33 years old. He’s survived by two children and his girlfriend, Lauren London, with whom he had a child in 2016. 

Whites have long used Black people to set each other up to be killed. It is pretty easy to do when they control every aspect of our lives, from cradle to grave. It is no stretch of the imagination to believe that whites are behind this. The history of this shithole proves that.

During the early years of slavery, they pitted the house slaves against the field slaves. During the Civil Rights Movement, they infiltrated the Movement in every way possible including using Black informants to give them information on what peaceful Black people were doing in their struggle to gain equal rights. “Jim Crow” was also the law of the land in that Black people were not even allowed in restaurants, in swimming pools or any other place that contained a white body. We were deemed, and still are, inferior to the white man, which is a complete and utter lie! In the 1980s crack was introduced into Black communities, nationwide and the spiral downward as a result continues to this day. Mass incarceration resulted in the so-called “War on Drugs” which was in reality, a war on descendants of slaves and that war continues to this day. We have no friend in the white man and we never will despite the fact of how we got here. He seems unable to understand or accept the fact that but for his depraved, debased ancestors, we would not be here. Not one of us asked to be rowed to this shithole to be subjected to the white man’s shit and yet here we are. No other group is as put upon as descendants of slaves and if any other group has a problem with the whites over here, then take your ass back where you came, descendants of slaves cannot.

And so we come to our brotha, rapper Nipsey Hussle, who at one point in time was a member of a gang. He never hid the fact. And yet, to make ends meet, he sold incense out of his vehicle. He even stapled flyers onto telephone poles advertising his rap music until his career finally took off. But he never forgot where he came from and was trying to give back to the community he remained a part of. He had opened several successful businesses and was in the process of pursuing an even bigger venture that would have been life changing for many. But all of that came to a violent end when Nipsey Hussle was gunned down right outside his clothing store, Marathon Clothing.

Of course the narrative is that he was shot by a Black man. That is the ‘official story’ and I am sure that whitey parasite ass is sticking to it. I don’t care if a Black man comes forward and confesses to the crime, whites are behind this. They have never stood by and watched Black people succeed without stepping in and putting a halt to that. Never forget Black Wall Street. Never forget the Rosewood Massacre. Never forget what the whites did to the Black Panther Party and Movement. Never forget that the government bombed the MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. And the list is endless. I put nothing past whites and neither should you!

No matter what the white man says, I will never believe that a Black man is responsible for the death of Nipsey Hussle!

Bon voyage, Nipsey, bon voyage! And yes, you are finally free at last!

My people! Keep on risin’ to the top! Nipsey might be gone, but we are still here and so keep on risin’ to the top despite the white man keep trying to bring us down! Keep risin’!

7 thoughts on “Nipsey Hussle Never Forgot Where He Came From! He Tried To Give Back! Rest In Peace, Brotha!

  1. Agree 100%, Shelby! YT is definitely behind this assassination! I will admit, I’m mad as phuck about this. My heart literally hurts. Thanks so much for all you shared in this reply. I’ll be good in a couple days.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is a KKKop murder because that man was doing too much damn good for the community that needed it the most. Take him out and what’s left? Urban blight, joblessness and hopelessness. The white man can’t stand it when Black people make gains. They want us fucked up and some more shit! I don’t give a damn what whitey parasite ass has to say about who killed this man, I know in my heart that whitey-pasty ass is behind it.

      But meanwhile, the National Association Advancing Corporate Coons just celebrated some goddamn bullshit Image Awards that’s doing nothing to mitigate the serious issues in Black communities. Nipsey Hussle was and so he got shot dead for his efforts. Ain’t nobody fucking with that worthless shit at the NAACP otherwise known as the NAACC because they ain’t about shit! We know when someone is doing some damn good because they always end up dead. We know when motherfuckers ain’t doing any goddamn good because they are allowed to continue to do not a goddamn thing!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. “Equal protection under the law” does not exist in this country. These are empty words in a constitution written for the propertied Whites who wrote that document and set to ALL CAPS by “Originalists” on the Supreme Court. Hell, you don’t even have to live within the 50 boundaries that get White stars on the nationalist, White-Supremacist, intensely racist flag — I recognize no difference between Flag Old Gorey and Flag Old Confederacy. They’ll bomb the hell out you worldwide (White populations somehow excluded, not Racism by any measure of course).
    White Supremacist SCOTUS Neil Gorsuch wrote his salvo majority opinion POS just last week. An excerpt from The Nation:
    Gorsuch, writing for a 5-4 majority, denied his appeal. Gorsuch wrote: “The Eighth Amendment forbids ‘cruel and unusual’ methods of capital punishment but does not guarantee a prisoner a painless death.” That’s about the most heartless-bastard thing I’ve read in a while, and I work on the Internet.
    Full article:

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    1. Bill, I have stated many times over that there is not a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the so-called “Old Glory” flag that’s supposed to represent the United States of AmeriKKKa and the Confederate Flag. There has never been a difference between the two because both are rags not good enough for me to wipe my ass on! My spit is too good for both!

      Everything about this godforsaken shithole was written for ‘propertied whites’ who were nothing more than lying, deceitful, corrupt, hypocritical slave owning pedophiles! Those dirty bastards were nothing to praise and hero worship and yet they are praised to this very day for the vicious, vile ass shit they did. And the shit they did continues to present day. We are at the ‘mercy’ of deranged, debased monsters and we are fucked up! We have never had any fucking rights! What the fuck are rights? And to think that descendants of slaves have suited up and fought for this worthless ass shithole? That fucking wouldn’t be me! Not fucking ever!

      And just like I said in this blog, the official stance is going to be that some gangsta wannabe gunned down Nipsey Hussle when we ALL know that this same script has been playing out down through the years. Whitey parasite ass has been infiltrating every single Movement, organization and descendants of slaves that has ever been about the business of uplifting the Black man, woman and child. They claim that the Nation of Islam murdered Malcolm X. Who the fuck was behind that shit? Whitey parasite ass, that’s who. The motherfucker that they claim to have sent to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stated that he didn’t do it and the King family believed him. So who the fuck did it? Whitey parasite ass! Who the fuck was behind the assassination of Huey P. Newton? Whitey parasite ass! And whitey parasite ass is behind the murder of Nipsey Hussle and they can get 50,000 Black men to confess to that shit and I’d still say that whitey parasite ass was behind the murder of Nipsey Hussle because whitey parasite ass is behind it! 100%!!!!!

      I am mad as hell! And it ain’t gone get no goddamn better because we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t! And then motherfuckers have the nerve to call us conspiracy theorists when we don’t believe the “official version” put out by whitey parasite ass as to who actually ordered the hit on Nipsey Hussle. Fuck those motherfuckers! Whitey parasite ass ordered that hit on Nipsey Hussle.

      I posted a blog back in November that highlighted the fact that those white Klan parasites use Black KKKops to spy on Black protesters in order to arrest them and that Black motherfucker got his ass beat to within an inch of his life by his white Klan KKKop co-workers who weren’t told by the Grand Wizard police chief that a Black-assed cop was going undercover at a protest.

      “It’s gonna be a lot of fun beating the hell out of these shitheads once the sun goes down and nobody can tell us apart!!!” says a St. Louis MO cop to his Klan buddies

      Four St. Louis police officers were indicted Thursday in connection with the beating of an undercover officer during violent protests in the Missouri city last year after a white former officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man.

      Three of the officers, Dustin Boone, 35, Randy Hays, 31, and Christopher Myers, 27, are facing felony charges of deprivation of constitutional rights, conspiracy to obstruct justice, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice.

      Bailey Colletta, 25, a fellow officer who was in a romantic relationship with Hays, was charged with making misleading assertions and false statements to a grand jury in an attempt to obstruct justice. All four officers were suspended without pay, according to the Associated Press.”

      A Black cop went undercover at a Missouri protest in order to take note of which protesters needed to be arrested for their conduct when he was thrown down on the ground and kicked and beaten by three cops to within an inch of his life. The undercover spy snitch cop is still out on sick leave, unable as yet to return to his duties of being a snitch for the white man against those who look like him. And so if he expects any sympathy from me, he might as well go ahead and drop dead from his injuries. In fact, I am glad he got what he was asking for because those Black cops know that their lives mean nothing to those Klan motherfuckers, same as ours. How they can don those blue uniforms and think that means something, I will never know because it should be quite apparent to anyone with eyes that those Klan motherfuckers, who are loaded down in representation in every police department in Amerikkka, are nothing more than paid goon squads used to continue slavery by doing exactly what overseers did to slaves hundreds of years ago; beat the shit out of them, leaving many maimed and a great number dead because the joy they got from beating just felt too damn good. And we all know this is true because we have one cop’s own words to bear witness. “It’s gonna get IGNORANT tonight.” “But it’s gonna be a lot of fun beating the hell out of these shitheads once the sun goes down and nobody can tell us apart!!!”

      Yeah! And so if whitey pasty-ass will use us to spy on each other, he damn well will use us to do other goddamn dirty work for his pasty- ass! And some of us would sell our soul for 30 pieces of silver that whitey pasty ass dangles in front of us, just ask that fucking FBI informant spy snitch, Al Sharpton, who helped the FBI spy on leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Like I said, “you can always tell who ain’t about shit because they fucking live their lives and don’t get shot the fuck up! But if you’re doing something that might make a Black person’s life a little bit better, your ass is grass! And that ain’t no lie!” History has proven this, time and time again!

      And am I surprised at what that soulless bastard Gorsuch said, hell fucking no! I only wish I was!

      Bill, thank you for your comment and for the link. As always, your comments are spot on!

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      1. I agree Miss Courtland, White People can be some evil and retarded acting people because there is A LOT of them who loves acting like us with wearing braids in their hair, dancing all thuggish or just dancing like us period, riding around and blasting our music(Hip-Hop and Rap), using our words or slang, getting big asses and lips and also tans and then all of them love to lie and say that they are not trying to look like us or act like us. I can’t stand them and I will never like them!

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