An Old Gnarled Tree?


Leaning carelessly up against a wicket gate,
having lurched to it in a drunken state.
Straight from the Horse And Goose Liver Inn,
from the fog in my mind, a tale I’ll spin.

On a moonlit night, I did see
two lovers ensnared in rhapsody.
Twas a sight to behold,
those lovers so bold.

In a fierce embrace
of twine and lace,
they rose from the lake
like a glistening snake.

Sparkling droplets fell
as my bleary eyes beheld
ragged limbs unfold
and an owl did scold.

But no glances or blushes
or whispered hushes
did they exchange with me
this old gnarled tree.

Sprinkles of rain on eyelashes, landed
and now I know why my vision was slanted.
No more will I drink to befuddle my mind
a menace of a vice and much maligned.
If a drunk speaks sober, then what does she see,
two lovers mistaken for an old gnarled tree?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Well, I am quite sure that this little lighthearted piece will be a welcome change. Newsflash! It won’t last long.

7 thoughts on “An Old Gnarled Tree?

    1. Doesn’t matter if it was staged or not, the end result is always the same. We exist in a militarized police state. Black people always have and don’t we know it. We didn’t need to be woke the fuck up to that realization because we’ve not been walking around with either blinders on or rose-colored glasses. It’s the whites that have been hell bent on attempting to remain blissfully ignorant when this shit has been in the works for decades and now that it’s lights, camera, ACTION! It’s pissing and moaning time. Well, too fucking late! They ain’t blissfully ignorant now but now, it don’t matter because their ass is gonna get just as fucked up as the Indians and the descendants of African slaves.

      I don’t give a good goddamn who is now recognizing that ALL hell is breaking lose. As long as it wasn’t all up in their face, personal like, that shit was fine. And if this shit can eventually whittle the descendants of African slaves down to the population count of the Indians, what’s going to happen to all of that military surplus equipment? They gonna destroy it? HA! Yeah! Wait for it!


      1. Oh I agree with you 100%! It’s just that these POS want to gauge public reaction, to see if they can get away with killing more ppl. It’s totally about control and implementing totalitarian police state, if we don’t unite and fight back, they’re gonna pick us off one by one. Protesting is great to spread awareness, but we need another revolution, to take America back for all the people.
        If Americans understand history, all hierarchal gov’t structures regardless of their political and economic ideologies are destined to collapse because they get too fat exploiting the people. The people in power want to remain Caesar or Czar and that never last, ppl revolt.
        When big government stops serving the ppl, like organized religion, these institutions lose their relevancy. Oh they’ll fight to hold on to the bitter end like all dying empires do.


    1. Thanks Tube and can you believe it, I wrote when I was NOT ‘deep in my cups’ or in my case, ‘deep in the champagne flute! LOL! I am quite surprised that I could manage to ‘cough’ up a wee bit of humor. I think it’s ALL due to the book I’m reading in my attempt to distract me from all things of war!


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