I Put America Up For Sale!

america for sale1

I make promises all too easily.
Why should a conscience be my guide?
When I break each and every one of them,
I then blame the other side.

I promised hope and change,
and to close Guantanamo.
But now I blame it all on congress.
They are my eternal foe.

When I had the votes to get it done,
I just pissed two years away,
And now my legacy is in the toilet.
Behold, my feet of clay.

There is blood upon my hands,
from the innocent I did bury
underneath the desert sands;
those found guilty by no jury.

I am the judge and executioner;
the harbinger of death.
I bow before my masters.
For them, I’ll sink to any depth.

I am a father to my children,
and a husband to my wife.
And yet I aid and abet,
in the taking of a life.

Don’t ever make a promise,
that you know you will not keep.
Never promise hope and change,
when you’re willing to sell it cheap.

I have made my bed and it is soft.
My nest is feathered well.
I did what I had to do.
I put America up for sale.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

When Barack Obama first ascended to the presidency, the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate. The time to get things done would have been that two year period when he had the votes necessary, but his focus was on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was eventually signed into law with much fanfare, but did little in the way of relieving so many Americans of the high cost of health care. People are still losing their homes and going bankrupt if they become seriously ill and there are many who fall in the gap of ineligibility. We have here a lack of hope and change.

And yet, where is the concern over the high cost of incarceration? It costs approximately $40,000 a year to house just one inmate and yet schools are closing for lack of available funds. But no one has suggested closing prisons when many are incarcerated due to mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, “three-strikes” laws and the so-called, war on drugs, which usually means, low-level drug offenders caught with trace amounts of drugs on them, instead of being cited, they are locked up. With an estimated 2.3 million people incarcerated in America and the majority of them are African-American and Hispanic, prison has become the new slave pen. How is it that the U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population but nearly a quarter of all of its prisoners? Answer: Because they’re Black and Brown people, that’s why. Again, what we have here is a lack of hope and change.

As we all know, segregation is still in play and with the fact of that, we now have what is called,’ the school-to-prison pipeline where mostly inner city children of color are herded from the classroom straight into the juvenile and criminal justice system. They are not to learn, they are to head straight to jail and remain there. That’ll cut down on the need for funding for education especially since the funding for education is being funneled into the criminal justice system. You see any signs of hope and change here? No, just more signs of America up for sale in the form of America’s children for sale to the prison industrial complex.

Although there is no way to accurately count the number of homeless people, those who are attempting to do so, have posted statistics that are shatteringly horrific. According to an article in the Huffington Post, the number of homeless children in America has surged to an all time high and show no signs of abating. More hope and change?

And wasn’t Obama against dumb wars? As opposed to what? Smart wars? All wars are dumb wars because bombing people never solved anything. Ask those pesky ‘terrorists’ that just keep popping up in countries that America has bombed to smithereens and then went back to do it again or never even left to begin with. And let’s not forget the deposing of legitimate leaders if not outright murder of other nation’s leaders. Obama has certainly been heavy-handed with those damn killer drones and it would appear that the innocent are the target because innocent people are targeted for ‘extermination’. Got to keep the warmongers happy. Over 2,400 innocent people are dead because we voted for hope and change and what we got was ‘criminally insane’! Barack Obama, another sell-out, a war criminal, a liar, a hypocrite, a murderer never intended to bring hope or change to the ‘business as usual’ status quo in Washington. Those of us who voted for him are more than likely ashamed that we did so. We were duped because we wanted to believe that there was a chance for change and now we know that there is no hope for change.

Yes, Barack Obama put America up for sale and in the process drenched her with the blood of innocents while the drums of war beat on.

13 thoughts on “I Put America Up For Sale!

  1. Spot on again, Shelby!

    For the last century, people, in general, have become expendable in the eyes of TPTB, and people of color have been singled out even more so. But I believe this about to change, and soon!

    War isn’t as dumb as it is “effective corporate-pig business.” It keeps the masses in a state of panic, which allows the pigs to maintain control, while gaining more and more wealth and power.

    Prison also is a money making endeavor for the pig, and a way to keep blacks and browns, in particular, in a constant state of legalized slavery, and in a land where, supposedly, slavery had been abolished over one hundred years ago (IT NEVER WAS):


    Sure, this pig system/order let’s the working people pay the taxes for the basic charges of imprisoning and enslaving human beings. But the pigs are getting filthy rich off of this “corrections” system, as this article reveals.

    After being involved in prison ministries, many years ago, I can tell you that most of that forty grand, footed by the tax payer, doesn’t go to house, feed and care for prisoners: it goes in the pockets of state and federal officials and the low-life crooks they have running these prisons!

    This prison/enslavement topic, even more so than Stooge Obama and this piece of shit government, is one that hits close to home with me. It makes me want to become militant and use some of this anger and frustration in me in a much more meaningful way than just writing, if you get my drift? The mind and heart are willing, but the body is shot!

    Great post and poem, Shelby, as always!


    1. Wow! What a great comment Sojourner! I thank you for your contribution. Yes, war will always be the way to go because it is profitable. Peace doesn’t make for riches. War does. Why, it would just put all of those corporations that make wars possible, go out of business and they can’t have that.

      And of course, slavery never ended. It just morphed. The slave patrols didn’t go anywhere, they’re the Klan, decked out in blue, the militarized police force and you are so right, it’s not going to just continue to be Black and Brown bodies that get disposed of so easily because the shit is so off the chain that everybody is in line to get their ass handed to them on a bloody platter! It was fine when it was just happening to us but that shit ain’t fucking playing and it’s a bit late for the awakening seeing as how that neo-Nazi shit has been unleashed in Ukraine and how many Black folks is all up in Ukraine? Never mind, that was of course, a rhetorical question.

      Thanks Sojourner!


    1. Thank you Tube! Yeah, a nice, neat little fucked up package, just as pretty as you please complete with fracking sites, flammable water, homeless tent cities, hundreds of thousands of abandoned foreclosed houses, collapsed bridges, crude oil train derailments, huge ass sinkholes, an antiquated electric grid and genetically modified garbage to eat. But the bow is just gorgeous that all of this shit is tied up in.

      I much appreciate your comment Tube!


    1. Well Rajiv! I hope the bromance is a lasting love affair that is so damn strong that our piece of shit liar-in-chief remains in India. We don’t want him back! You guys can have him! Please! Keep him over there!!!

      ..and thanks for your comment Rajiv. But seriously, we DON’T WANT HIM BACK!!!!


      1. He leaves India tomorrow.. He will fly to Riyadh. I think the Arabs may keep him.. Too many traffic and security restrictions when he is here…


  2. The US, under Obama, is displaying all the signs of a society headed for extinction – the massive dept, rampant military aggression and ruthless exploitation and oppression of the citizenry. The ship is going down. It won’t be long now.


    1. You are right on that point, Dr. Bramhall. It won’t be long now because word is that even with falling gas prices, this past holiday season was anything but Black and merry for merchants. RadioShack is filing for bankruptcy. Macy’s is closing stores as is JC Penney and Kmart and Sears may soon be liquidated and shuttered and don’t forget, Target is doing so bad in Canada, they’re leaving and they’re not doing that much better in America. The party is OVER! Even low gas prices ain’t making this shit look rosy. It’s bleak as hell and the abject poor are going to get much company in the coming year. This shit is going to make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a walk in the park. Low gas prices be damned. It’s too little, too late! This Titanic is bottoming out!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall! Pull up a lawn chair, get you a nice tall glass of iced tea and enjoy the show!


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