Born With A Defect, I Did Not Choose!

chained hands

I heave a cross too heavy to bear.
The burden is the hated skin I wear.

Born with a defect, I did not choose.
My birth mark is this Black and Brown bruise.

It got me shot, for why else am I dead?
I tried to cover it up; I put a hoodie on my head.

In my vehicle, I don’t want to be seen
by the slave patrols on supremacy caffeine.

If I take a walk in the wrong neighborhood,
they gun me down like I’m made of wood.

When they make me the enemy everywhere I go,
the law is on their side and I’m a duck in a row.

These iron chains, I cannot break.
I am still a slave, make no mistake.

They hunt us down and we’ve no place to run.
My hands are in the air; white man, you have won!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

13 thoughts on “Born With A Defect, I Did Not Choose!

  1. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    None of us chose to be black, white or brown, and none of us chose who would we be in any other way as well.

    We know this is an absolute truth, so why, if we came out the way we have, and without our choice being considered, do we judge each other by what color we are, what ‘gender’ we are, or if we tall and thin or short and fat?

    It makes no sense, does it? But here is an example of the pain it causes!


    1. Yeah! Prince! Our ‘skin is our sin’! Ain’t that the fucking truth??!!! I swear! I get SO tired of this shit! I have been smoking hot since this latest that went down! I don’t know why I bother but maybe it is because, a LIFE was just snuffed out for no goddamn reason. It doesn’t matter if some think that Walter Scott’s life didn’t matter. I know he mattered and I cannot pretend that I don’t care. I am angered, saddened and almost broken by this never ending shit that we deal with over something we have no fucking control over!

      Thank you so much for your comment Prince! Stay safe out there! It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I must be sitting where you’re sitting because I’m seeing the same thing. There is never going to be any peace for us. I don’t even think we can rest in peace. How could we? Especially those who are innocent and die so violently and tragically. How can they rest in peace? We get no fucking peace above ground or under it!

        This is ALL such a goddamn travesty! For the love of ……!!!!!

        Thanks again Prince!

        Liked by 1 person

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