#BLACKLIVESMATTER, A Diversionary Tactic!



Has anyone asked the question, “Has there been a noticeable decrease in police murders of Black people since #BLACKLIVESMATTER arrived on the scene?”

Without even bothering to add links, I can answer that. No! There has been no decrease, noticeable or otherwise, in police murders of Black people since #BLACKLIVESMATTER arrived on the scene. And if you need proof,’archive’ this blog to your heart’s content.

#BLACKLIVESMATTER is just a diversionary tactic used to divert Black people away from what we should be doing. It is the same tactic that was used during the Civil Rights Movement when Black unrest was at an all-time high and Black militant groups were gaining members by the hundreds. Along comes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his merry band of tireless protesters, complete with pictures of Black people getting hosed down, pictures of dogs sicced on them; the whole nine yards.

“Be peaceful about it, Black folks! Don’t fuck shit up! Don’t burn shit down! Let’s sit down and talk calmly and quietly about that ‘whites only’ water fountain and that ‘whites only’ restaurant entrance and the ‘blacks only’ water fountain and the ‘blacks only’ restaurant entrance and so forth and so on. If you must protest, then go about it all peaceful like. Take this here Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as an example. We have trained him well. He is all dressed up in a suit and tie, carrying a bible and giving eloquent speeches of his dreams. We don’t give a shit for his dreams, but hey! He is allowed to dream and that is all he is allowed to do. We have him in a jail cell right now, just a’dreaming and some more shit. But he is useful, see? He is the calm and that is what we want, not the storm!”

Fast forward to today and along comes the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement right when Black folks are getting beyond fed the fuck up with the ever mounting statistics of Black people getting themselves murdered by racist ass KKKops and for no other reason than over the color of their skin. Yet again, Black people are stopped in their tracks from fucking shit up and burning shit down by the sight of protesters, AGAIN, marching with fifty year-old protest signs that have been dusted off and brought out into the light of day in the year of no lord 2015. #BLACKLIVESMATTER is being used as a diversion to deter Black people from going the fuck off by showing them that the way to go about effecting change is to continue with the same lame ass protesting and marching that Dr. King and his crew engaged in.

Let me ask you another question. What did Martin Luther King Jr., and crew accomplish back in the 1960s? Did not the Supreme Court just recently gut the hell out of the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Indeed it did. But you say, “There are no ‘whites’ or ‘Blacks’ only water fountains and restaurants anymore? Really? I’ll put it to you this way, those signs are no longer needed and here’s why. Check the price of lunch at an exclusive country club, restaurant or hotel, can you afford it? Here is a hint. The ‘official’ unemployment rate for Black men is 12.4%, but we all know THAT’S a lie! So, when you cannot afford to keep a roof over your head, you sure as hell cannot afford to pay for lunch in an upscale eating establishment. And ‘white’ folks, don’t even bother coming up in here exclaiming that you can’t either. Cry me a river! This ain’t about you! Maybe everything else is, but not this! It is certainly not MY fault that your own kind left some of you in the dust! Deal with it! You’ve still got less to deal with than we do!

But I digress! Back on topic. When the people started burning shit down in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray riots, the National Guard was called in, a curfew was enacted and the long arm of the KKKlaw nipped that shit in the bud with militarized armored vehicles that had been deployed in actual war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. The sole purpose was to prevent a halt to capitalism; that which makes the world go round. When you halt capitalism, you fuck up the white man’s day. He can’t have that. The wheels of capitalism must grind because that is how he gets his huge ass bonus check; that is why the stockholders laugh all the way to the goddamn bank. Put a halt to that shit and nobody’s laughing. So, to put you in check, Black people, a new ‘movement’ was introduced, #BLACKLIVESMATTER! It is designed to make you think that you are doing something constructive about all of the shit that is flung at you. It is designed to make sure that you continue to ‘peacefully’ march down the goddamn street and do nothing to starve the beast called, “Capitalism!” It is to ensure your quiet quiescence to the continuation of slavery. Slaves are needed in prison to fill all the orders for capitalism’s expansion. Slaves are also necessary to be picked bone dry by debt collectors, payday loan companies, furniture rental stores and the like. You have only two purposes; one is to be a slave in every way and the other one is to die because it has been estimated that in the not too distant future, the white man will become the minority in AmeriKKKa. He cannot have that. The white man wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. This means that you must play by his rules and if you don’t, then you must die. But then, you must die anyway because the world contains more Black and Brown bodies than it does white ones. Why do you think that wars were started in the Middle East? Oh, in some respects, oil has something to do with it, but it is about much more than that. ISIS is just another diversionary tactic used by the white man to kill off even more of the Brown-skinned variety while enhancing capitalism in the form of weapons for those wars of naked aggression. I mean..uh.. those ‘humanitarian’ wars of naked aggression Oh he’s good! I’ll give him that. He is evil’s own spawn!

If you have fallen for the diversionary tactic that is #BLACKLIVESMATTER, then you can just stop. You can put down your protest sign. You can put away your marching shoes, they won’t do you any good. They are not supposed to. The only thing #BLACKLIVESMATTER is good for is to make you think that you are doing something constructive about police murder of Black people, racism, police brutality, a school-to-prison pipeline, income inequality, mass unemployment and underemployment otherwise known as ‘low-wage jobs, homelessness, addiction and mass incarceration. But you’re not doing a goddamn thing about any of that. You are only pissing in the wind. How does it taste?

16 thoughts on “#BLACKLIVESMATTER, A Diversionary Tactic!

  1. Well the rest of the world is watching and we’ll be telling them what we think. They won’t be able to standing so tall when they are seen as the racist bigots that they are.

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  2. Spot on Ms. Shelby. Black Lives Matter? Really? Black lives matter to whom? Sure as screaming hell not to amerikan authority. Black lives are simply another statistic kept in neat ordered statistical rows by the FBI and then dutifully reported back to amerika’s DoJ. Yawn…
    Black lives matter to Tamir Rice?!? He was 12! How in the bowels of flaming Jebus H. Key-rist does a 12 year old deserve to be executed? Executed by the fucking Gestapo SS sworn to “protect and serve.” Protect and serve whom???
    12 years old. I am stunned to the point of staggered and raging. Shoot a 12 year old?
    Oh crap, I am rambling blindly and fucking pissed off…

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    1. Skulz, I am having an extremely hard time looking at that precious child’s picture. My eyes just keep filling with tears. He looks so sweet and ALIVE and now to know that his little life was snuffed out and no one is responsible. How can a twelve-year old be responsible for his own death? I’ve got to stop here! I can write no more.

      Thank you for your comment!


    1. As you can see, I am trying. I can but put it out there but if it doesn’t get picked up, well then, we shall forever remain where we are; being picked off, one by one.

      There is a saying, “There are none so blind as those who will not see!” Truer words were never spoken!

      Thank you for your comment Dara! It is much appreciated!

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      1. I know, sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself or just others like me when the “others” won’t or don’t get it but I guess we keep doing what we do because we are compelled! Great post.

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      2. I too know the feeling. It would seem that we are wasting our time. I hate to say this but I am just biding my time, waiting on something to come through and then I am out of here.

        Nothing is going to change because we want things to change, easily. And that is not going to happen. We don’t want to do the hard part and quite frankly, I think it is too late to even bother. People wanted to be hypnotized by their gadgets, they were and then when they finally looked up, all is now chaos and bedlam. We cannot even make sense out of what is happening and unfortunately, this will continue.

        But again, I thank you for taking the time to comment.


  3. Great post. The next year is really going to be full of turmoil. I am not sure how crazy things will get but if people had been using their brains and following real news they could see we are moving into a different age.

    This post was for us and there was nothing improper with you making your exclusion. Black Lives Matters is made up of a lot of people, some of whom don’t care for us, but . Sadly, some of us will not make it. Despite the warnings, many will not wake up or they will be mislead by phony religious/cultural leaders. More will wake up and finally realize the important things we need to do for now but that will only occur when things get worse.

    Did you hear of the Republican foreign policy debate? If one just uses that, one can see that the big boys will be let out very soon. There is plenty of publicly available information that confirms it.

    Though there may be an agenda with some brown people, overall the real focus is on us blacks, not most of the Africans, Arabs, or the other non-white groups. This will be more clear later on, but you are very much on the right track.


    1. Oh, I am in no doubt that we are the real focus. I see it happening daily, even in my own life. I am seeing shit go down, the like of which I’ve never seen before. They are NOT playing with us and they are letting us know this and in no uncertain terms. The problem is that I do believe that things are way past the point of no return. People wanted to remain hypnotized, clueless, apathetic and complacent to the writing that was all over the walls and now that the shit is about to hit the fan in a big ass way, some people have awakened, but in my opinion, the awakening comes too little, too late and many are still clueless and likely to remain so until the shit impacts them, personally.

      The ‘whites’ have the means to escape and that is why so many of them have given up their citizenship in this country and have stomped the dirt of this shithole off their shoes, but many Black people have no option but to deal with the shit and die! The militants of the 1960s are either still in prison or are dead and what’s left to work with is what crawls to Massa begging for his table scraps. We are doomed!

      I thank you N.S. for your comment.


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