Let Me Make This Clear To You Whites Who Are Talking About How “We Are In This Together Thanks To Coronavirus” WE AIN’T IN SHIT TOGETHER!


Whites, I’m about sick of your bullshit! All of a sudden, now that coronavirus has reared its viral head, whites are screeching and wailing that “We are ALL in this together!” What.The.Fuck. I am NOT in shit with you nasty ass whites!

You pasty assed shits need to take several seats! American descendants of slaves were thrown under the bus by you pasty assed devils since FOREVER in this shithole, but now that this virus has your asses running scared while at the same time making you sit your damn depraved, debased asses down somewhere, quarantined in your McMansions, you ain’t got shit to do but think about the shit that you can’t fucking do! GOOD! But while you’re at it, don’t get the shit twisted. Those of us who are ADOS are NOT in shit with you! You fucking white assholes moved yourselves into gated communities to get away from us. You fucking raised the rents in our neighborhoods, thus rendering us homeless as you gentrified that shit and now that coronavirus is breathing down your damn pasty necks, we’re suddenly, ALL IN THIS SHIT TOGETHER???!!! Are you worthless fucks for real??!! You’ve got the fucking balls of bulls to come up with that shit! Fuck you!!!

Ain’t no ADOS in this shit with you funky, pasty assed, filthy white motherfuckers! You’re on your damn own! You cannot stand the fact that coronavirus cannot be bought. You cannot throw your credit cards at it. You cannot impress it with your white privilege. You cannot impress it with your fucked up sense of ‘white supremacy’. You cannot drone strike it away. You cannot bomb it away. You cannot sanction it away. Hell! There’s not a goddamn thing that you can do but wait your turn to come down with coronavirus and that’s scaring the hell out of you because ordinarily, you’d be in line at Disney World or at Disneyland with your screaming hellions, but you can’t do that because coronavirus has come in and put paid to that shit! I’m loving it! I am LOVING the fact that coronavirus has got your pasty asses on the fucking run. Yeah! Run to the Hamptons. Run to the desert. Run to the mountains. Makes no difference. Coronavirus is going to find your ass and all the money in the world is NOT going to keep your pasty asses safe from what is YOUR due! You refused to pay your dues and now coronavirus is here to collect and it will. And it is far from done. You refuse to do the right thing and so the right thing is going to do you. Welcome coronavirus! Every pasty assed motherfucker’s door is open and so just go on in and settle down for a spell. Enjoy yourself coronavirus because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of freeloading, scum sucking bottom feeders that got rich off the backs of my ancestors and now that they can do nothing with their ill gotten gains, they want to screech about how “We are all in this together!” Fuck you whites! We ain’t in shit together!

Finally, something is coming for your asses and there ain’t a goddamn thing you can do about it but wait for the inevitable. Shit must be getting to you right about now because you’ve been housebound for how long now? And your lord and savior, racist-in-chief Donald Trump knows that only too well. That’s why he’s encouraging your worthless asses to head inside a church on Easter Sunday and pray to your bullshit god to save your no account asses. It won’t do you any good because your bullshit god is just that, BULLSHIT! Unfortunately, you’ve got many ADOS going along with your fake ass religious bullshit because they’ve been fucking brainwashed by you filthy parasites, but not me. I spit on your religious shit, you goddamn monsters.

Oh you are running scared alright because this is not just a Black disease, this virus is taking your pasty asses out in droves. Life as you know is has ended. And believe me, nothing will ever be the same again, so you can just forget about that “back to normal” bullshit! This IS normal for me and those who look like me. Remember when I said in previous blogs that the poor Black homeless people who are dealing with typhus and hookworm and other major diseases would not be dealing with epidemics and shit of the like, alone? If you don’t then you can archive this blog to your heart’s content and you will most definitely find me stating that your turn was coming and voila! It’s here! Ain’t it grand? Having fun yet? I am!

Ask the ‘future’ king of England, Prince Charles, if he was rich enough to keep himself from contracting the virus. Ask the Prime Minister of the UK if he was rich enough to keep himself from contracting the virus. Ask multiple heads of state ALL across this planet were they rich enough or powerful enough to keep themselves from contracting the virus. So,  tell me whites, how’s your money helping you now? You can’t shop. You can’t go to Disney World. You can’t go watch a pro sports game. You can’t play golf. You can’t go to the spa. You can’t jet around the world and go skiing. You can’t go on a cruise. Your money is doing what for you now? You’re doing what now? Exactly! Your ass is on lockdown and pretty soon, you’re going to get antsy because having money and there’s nothing you can do with it is going to cause you to go nuts. What are you going to do when the months drag on, whites? Those parties in the Hamptons are going to get old. Those desert hideaways are going to get boring. Those mountain views are soon going to turn into raging fire views because fire season is coming. And so you are going to have to drag your pale asses down from those mountains and stop hiding out from coronavirus. So you may as well drag your dusty, pale asses on down off the mountains now and get it over with.

And in case you dumb ass whites cannot figure out why I am not upset or worried about coronavirus, it is because I have you to ‘thank’ for that. Because of YOU pasty assed monstrosities, my life has ALWAYS consisted of pain, suffering, torment, hunger, homelessness and some more shit of the like and so why should I be afraid of coronavirus?  I’m not, but you’re so fucking scared, you can hardly function. And so you will NEVER be able to understand how I can deal with this shit and millions of those who look like me are dealing with this shit because your life has not been ours. Your life has been filled with the opposite of mine and millions who look like me. I’ve lost a sister to crack that YOU pasty assed shits let loose on innocent people like me. I’ve lost multiple loved ones thanks to you pasty assed motherfuckers taking the HYPOCRITE OATH when it comes to practicing medicine on us and I could go on and on and on as in mass incarceration, a school-to-prison pipeline, income inequality, gentrification, mass homelessness, disparities in health care and the list is endless and so without further ado, let me just reiterate that we are NOT in this virus shit together white motherfuckers! As far as I am concerned, WHITES, you are on your own. Deal with the shit! You left me to deal with the shit you dealt me and so fuck you AND yours!


Another Good Girl Gone Bad!

Here we go, another ‘good’ girl gone bad.
And yeah, I know, the fucking world’s gone mad.

This is where I say, “I don’t give a shit!”
Who am I kidding? That’s it! I quit!!

I don’t give a good goddamn anymore!
What the fuck? I can’t even the score!

And hell no, my halo ain’t slipping.
To this fucked up world, the bird, I’m flipping.

This time I’ve just stopped giving a fuck.
To those in need, you are SO out of luck.

How many ‘good’ days have you ever had?
When has the ‘good’ outweighed the bad?

Me? I’ll never be mistaken for a SAP!
Sad and Pathetic, to hell with that crap!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before!
We’ve got to feed the hungry and look out for the poor!

Go tell it on the mountain and then head to Wall Street!
And sit your ass down and accept the word, DEFEAT!

Write it all down and sell it if you can.
You ain’t fooling me, I know you got no plan.

Re-write history and what about the lies?
Who conquers who? I won’t wait for that surprise!

And who the hell says there is a human race?
I’ve looked far and wide, there ain’t a goddamn trace!

Talk shit to the dead who got nothing to lose.
They’re sitting in church, so go light the fuse.

The puppets and the zombies all dance to one tune.
All are kept in line by the goon’s platoon.

Step one foot out and you get your ass shot.
You can ‘care’ if you want, but it’s all for naught.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

….and don’t come in here with no bullshit about how we’re ALL in this together. We’re not in shit together! We’re not doing a goddamn thing but pissing in the wind and as soon as you wake the fuck up and recognize, the better off your ass will be. It is fucking war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!

As you can see, I wrote this in 2013 and not a goddamn thing has changed except that now that coronavirus is here, you whites are screeching about “We are all in this together!” FUCK IF WE ARE! I’m NOT in shit with you! This shit is coming mostly for your asses and I am damn sure NOT in shit with you white, filthy assed, no good, racist, parasitic creatures! So stop coming up to me on the streets talking that shit about us being in this shit together. You never talked THAT shit before, so don’t even fucking bother starting with that shit now! You are FUCKING ON YOUR OWN! Scared much?!! HA! I’m loving it!

15 thoughts on “Let Me Make This Clear To You Whites Who Are Talking About How “We Are In This Together Thanks To Coronavirus” WE AIN’T IN SHIT TOGETHER!

  1. “In this together” is as credible as “There is only one race, the human race.” Hauled out whenever the ever-presumptuous self-whiteous find themselves in water that goes over their heads — find some blacks to dive into the water and provide strong shoulders to stand upon, then say a prayer to the drowned ones who served up the ultimate sacrifice so that they could breathe.

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    1. Bill, I had to highlight your comment because it is ever so spot on! This shit is absolutely ridiculous! Never in all my days have I been so bombarded by whites coming up to me stating that, “We’ve got to stick together, we’re in this together!” How the hell so when whites have been doing everything they could to make sure that we were always separated. They don’t remember “Separate but equal?” They’ve forgotten that their communities are GATED? They’ve, ALL OF A SUDDEN LIKE, forgotten the term”gentrification?” But now that this virus has come along, it’s now ALL about us needing to remember that “we are all in this together,” that we’ve “got to stick together.” The next white motherfucker that comes up to me stating that filthy ass bullshit is going to get his/her ears blasted more than those I’ve already blasted. I am fed up with the shit!

      Whites are not going to start pretending that they’ve been standing WITH us all along as opposed to standing on our damn backs and our ancestors backs. That’s why their asses are propped so goddamn high now because of the riches they acquired from my ancestors labors and now they want to claim some sort of fake ass solidarity with those they have been hell bent on annihilating. These shameless shits are the absolute end of enough! I would not have the fucking balls to start spouting that fucked up bullshit but whites can always be counted on to outdo themselves in how they continuously try and use us to their advantage. They think we don’t see what they see. We see who is being more adversely impacted by this virus and newsfuckingflash, it ain’t us. What the fuck have we to lose? We’ve fucking got nothing thanks to whites. They’re the fucks who are going to lose every damn thing including their worthless lives and they’ll be NO loss to me, that’s for damn sure. Hell! I just saw a map of the countries that either don’t have this virus or hardly have any cases and Africa stands out, thankfully, except for South Africa and that’s because of those pasty assed South Africans that fly all over the world and dripped that shit down in South Africa. I wish the Black South Africans would do some cleansing over there, I really do!

      I was on the bottom before the fucking bottom fell out and so what the fuck does all this going down mean to me? It means that some white motherfuckers are going to have to pull up a chair and sit their pale asses down and whine about what the hell they can’t do with their ill gotten gains. And I for one, don’t fucking want to hear it!

      Bill, I wish that I could ‘like’ your comment or vote it up a gazillion times, it is so on point. Thank you for posting that. I sincerely appreciate it!

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  2. I hate to say it but maybe the spread of this bio weapon the Coronavirus can get worst so it can unit our “Black African” people around the diaspora.

    The rich white folks are running to The Hamptons. White folks fear death.

    “Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell said, “A new trend is taking place that puts our residents at further risk — people seeking refuge from the metropolitan areas. It is simple math: the more people that come, the greater the spread and the greater the confirmed cases.”

    Amid alarming scenes of empty shelves in Hamptons stores and people lining up at 6 a.m. to grab basic supplies as deliveries arrive, he said, “We have a limited number of stores trying to keep their shelves stocked and ration out supplies as best they can. Local residents are finding it difficult to meet even their most basic needs. Unnecessary hoarding and the recent, sudden expansion of the population by those who come are making it far worse.”

    P.S. what happen to Kushite Prince page it’s no longer up because I post comments under his blogs.

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    1. Shanequa, this is the time for us Black folks ALL across the diaspora to get our shit together because the whites are so damn terrified of this virus, they cannot even think straight. Africa needs to kick those pasty assed and yellow assed motherfuckers out and Black women here in America need to realize that they don’t NEED to patronize those funky breath Asians by getting their nails and shit done. Those weaves and wigs are waiting now and so, quite obviously, they can do without enriching those racist ass Asians that don’t give a shit for us. The whites dragged their filthy asses over here for the express purpose of helping them fuck us up and relieve us of our hard earned money by believing that we need to get our nails and shit done by those funky breath, dog and cat, bat and rat eating yellow monstrosities and those filthy nasty breath fuckers are screeching about how racism is impacting them. If they believe that then they can just take their funky breath asses on back to China or Vietnam or South Korea or wherever the hell they came from. Ain’t nobody forcing those bastards to remain here, but they have made a fortune here and so they can just shut the fuck up, already!

      And Shanequa, when those whites in the Hamptons start getting sick, in droves, with the coronavirus, the local politicians have already told them that they don’t even have but one isolation room and two ventilators and so there’s going to be some dead ass rich white folks lying all over the place in the Hamptons. They think the shit is ALL fun and games now, but their turn is coming.

      As for what’s going on with Kushite Prince, you are the second to tell me that his blog is no longer up. I don’t know what’s going on with him. I could email him and ask. If I hear something, I’ll let you know. But you see, dissent is to be kept in check. And Black folks who tell the truth, they want to shut us down. Fuck em! But I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything.

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.

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      1. @ShelbyCourtland

        So far what I have seen among our people on social media are new dance challenges that’s coming out seems like every week, joking about the coronavirus, promoting their own sexual porn on social media, and etc.

        It’s bad enough you have Riker Island prison , TDCJ Huntsville Prison, & now Dallas Sheriff department having coronavirus outbreaks with the staff & inmates. Once these outbreaks in the jails & prisons get to far out of hand the detention officers will be quitting left & right. When this happen no one would be left to watch the inmates so just free them.
        New York Police Department have a high number of their own officers that’s testing positive for the coronavirus. Just give it more time more police agencies will be testing positive as well. When this happens we will no longer have any officers protecting the street because they will quit as well once their fellow officers start testing positive . Ooh we have a problem crime is about too go up. No point of sending the military because they too will be testing positive & quitting as well. The doctor’s & nurses will be testing positive & quitting as well.

        We’ve only just begun nexts month is hurricane or tornado season. Furthermore, scientists are questioning when will Yellowstone super volcano erupted. Time is spending up much more faster now. We don’t know what time is waiting for us.

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      2. Shanequa, the shit is REALLY hitting the fan and like you say, “we don’t know what time is waiting for us.” People are sitting somewhere whining about not being able to get their nails done. So-called celebrities are posting stupid ass, dumb shit on Youtube that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about and meanwhile, just like you said, the situation as it relates to the prison system is already getting out of hand. I just posted a blog about that as well. The other situation is the fact that in Detroit, the hospitals are already stating that people who arrive there with coronavirus and who are already in terrible condition will NOT be treated. They will simply be allowed to drop dead since there is not enough equipment to go around and so only the strong will be taken care of, as equipment allows.

        No one is going “back to normal” and so they can just can that shit! Like you say, as soon as enough kkkops and prison guards come down with this shit, game over, game fucking over! And the U.S. military is already in quarantine. There is a warship now on lockdown as they wait to test ALL the crew since multiple military on board have been diagnosed with coronavirus. This shit is spreading faster than capitalism did and no amount of money that they throw at it is going to make any difference.

        I also just read that some white landlord is screeching and wailing about how he is about to go broke because ALL of his tenants banded together and drafted a letter telling him that they were refusing to pay rent next month. He is begging someone to help him with those issues and no one can. Also, a Dominoes pizza joint had ALL of its workers walk off after the manager told them that he was done. The workers told customers to get out of their face because they were not going to make any more pizzas. Not to mention, the folks who work for InstaCart are all going on strike next week and so there’ll be no delivery of groceries from Kroger or anywhere else since there has been a high demand for those workers and they want hazard pay. The domino effect is about to be in FULL force and ain’t no stopping this mess!

        I also sent an email to Prince, but so far, I’ve heard nothing from him.

        Shanequa, thank you for that spot on comment. It was filled with REAL talk and yeah, Yellowstone is expected to blow at any time! And storms are already bearing down on much of the country and soon there’ll be California wildfires raging as well as hurricane after hurricane on the coasts and of course, tornadoes. This is going to be “The Perfect Storm” descending on this racist hellhole, for real.


  3. @ShelbyCourtland

    I’m ready for this shit too pop off. It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I have no problem with this isolation because I know how too use my time. So far I’ve been reading books an different other types of readings, exercising, listening too music and etc. This is what I usually do on my everyday life, I’m not like others complaining about I can’t do unnecessary stuff.

    Also with this shut down we’re going too have to start using important skills that we depend others to do far us.

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    1. Shanequa, I’m with you, I’m also ready for the shit to pop off. I’ve been ready! I have fervently hoped and dreamed and wished for this and now that it’s here, I’m loving it. The whites are the ones who are acting totally irrational and of course, arrogant as well. There will always be some of us that’s dumber than a bag of rocks as well, they’re a given. But mostly, I’ve seen many of us treat this virus with respect and remain indoors and not try and give it to our loved ones. We already know that if our asses come down with it, they ain’t trying to save us especially seeing as how they have been trying to ‘genocide’ our asses since forever.

      But with the jails and prisons about to become overwhelmed with this shit, we are going to start experiencing a whole different scenario from what folks consider, “The Norm.” There ain’t going to be a ‘norm’ again and they’d better get used to that. The whites are still running to the mountains and shit in attempts to escape this. And one paramedic in New York says that he’s “Terrified!” The shit is that bad!

      N.Y.C.’s 911 System Is Overwhelmed. ‘I’m Terrified,’ a Paramedic Says.

      “It’s all a war zone,” one of the paramedics said.

      Days later, another paramedic, Phil Suarez, was dispatched to two homes in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood, where entire families, living in cramped apartments, appeared to be stricken with the virus.

      “I’m terrified,” said Mr. Suarez, who has been a paramedic in New York City for 26 years and had assisted in rescue efforts during the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and later served in the Iraq war. “I honestly don’t know if I’m going to survive. I’m terrified of what I’ve already possibly brought home.”

      The first of many calls that night involved a 24-year-old man who had a fever, body aches and a cough that sounded like a cement mixer.

      While the Brooklyn paramedics took the man’s fever — 103 degrees — they noticed frightening vitals that hinted at coronavirus: a critically low level of oxygen was flowing into his otherwise clear lungs, while his heart thumped with the intensity of a marathon runner’s. He was taken to the nearest hospital.

      So as you can see, Shanequa, the shit IS out-of-control. Thank you for your comment.

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    1. At no point nowadays does the whites’ arrogance amaze me. They are completely devoid of humility, humbleness, empathy, compassion and they are heartless, soulless monsters. I call them ‘parasites’ because they do exactly what parasites do; latch onto a host and suck it bone dry, taking all nutrients or whatever ‘good’ the host has and leaves an empty, useless shell behind. That is what they have done to this entire planet and yet, you will hear many of them yarning on and on about “going green.” Those useless assholes are the reason why we have climate change and yet, they want us to believe that they are the answer to the ‘climate change’ problem they started.

      We are at the dubious ‘mercy’ of megalomaniacs and what they cannot comprehend is why we have not risen up and beat their ass. We are nothing like them because if we were, we would have done just that. I’m close to that now. I am NOT kidding. I have had it with those loathsome parasites!

      And as you can see, I don’t hold back against them. I wish to hell they would come on up in here and take umbrage with what I write. I would mop the damn cyber floor with their pasty asses.

      I thank you for your comment.

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  4. Yes. Everything white people say is to hide what they’ve done. They know they are the worst thing to happen to this planet. They talk about that “going green” stuff to hide that they are destroying the world and make themselves look good. They are always playing these types of games and I’m sick of it. I’m sure to point out their games on my blog so our people can wake up to their nonsense and not fall for it anymore.

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    1. Also don’t forget that the whites dragged every damn body over here and put them ABOVE us. Look at the Asians. They have locked down the nail salon industry. That’s locked down by the Vietnamese. Look at the Black hair products; weaves/wigs and so forth. That’s locked down by the Chinese. All others are welcomed over here are given carte blanche so long as they are mucking up our day.

      While we are denied loans to open businesses, every other group is given tax free status for 5 years. They are even given housing vouchers over us and we are the face of homelessness and it is ALL done by design because the whites have no intentions on us ever gaining reparations. They want to make sure that the playing field is never level for us, hence why they burned down the Black Wall Street and bombed the MOVE headquarters in Philly and never compensated those Black people who were burned out of entire towns by whites.

      And yet, “Koreatown” is rising in Los Angeles and I blogged about that. Every other group, like I said, can come over here and advance over us, but the whites are making sure that we make NO gains. And yet they think their shit is not to get fucked up? They’ve got another think coming. They can continue to claim that we are the face of coronavirus deaths all they want, but I know different. I have people who work in the medical field and they tell me different. If I could post pictures, I would, but I don’t want them to lose their jobs. But one thing to ALWAYS know, never trust the whites. NEVER!

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  5. Rounded off to 100%, whites live their lives vicariously. The white-supremacist system depends upon a neverending stream of propaganda that slaps a white face on every falsified collection of historical characters, fictional “lessons” of history, cartoon characters who pop up to spout out the manufactured textbooks, audio clips, video, entertainment role models, wisecrack wisdom, a Holy Land populated with white skin and European features to complement and compliment what I call White Evilization. White actors portraying non-European people, the Disneyfication of every narrative that gets slathered with whitewash to make sure that the narrative always follows white “sensibilities and manners.” I am using isolation time to double down on my Arabic, the vast majority of whites who study that language learn it for all the wrong reasons: keeping Big Oil enormous, keeping military entanglement entangled, keeping that land-based aircraft carrier (Isr**l) funded with 3.8 million dollars per year in military aid and “intelligence” research. Isr**l is gentrifying (whitewashing) at an ever-accelerating rate. Making MENA (Middle-East/North Africa) safe for white supremacist “values” in the “Holy Land” — propaganda at its most keen.

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    1. I see you have your hands full as well, Bill. I know that you are always livid when it comes to what Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians. I recall that the Palestinians showed solidarity with the plight of American descendants of slavery and I feel their pain, believe me, I do! As you know, I have posted several blogs about what Israel is inflicting on the innocent people of Palestine. And if I hear one more of them screech about the ‘holocaust’, I am going to scream. They are visiting a ‘holocaust’ on the Palestinians with the blessings of this fucked up government over here that throws money at Israel for the purpose of stealing everything from the Palestinian people. And we know gentrification only too well. That is why millions of us are homeless. The struggle is real.

      Amerikkka has to fall and when Amerikkka falls, so too, will Israel because Israel is propped up by Amerikkka. This shithole is collapsing at an ever increasing rate and despite the rhetoric from Donald Trump that he is the ‘final authority’ on re-opening the Amerikkkan economy, it is not up to him. No one in their right mind is going to start going about as though it is business as usual, for if they do, their ass will be grass. The news on all fronts is horrific. Trump’s bombast rings hollow when confronted with reality and it is quite apparent that he is living in a different realm from the rest of us. Why they have not carted that idiot off for good, I am not understanding because he is clearly insane.

      Our military is fucked up with coronavirus cases. The situation is so bad that the ‘hospital ships’ that were sent as backups to hospitals to take care of patients who do not have the coronavirus are themselves, contaminated with coronavirus and are giving that virus to those who did not initially have it. So much for ‘help’ from the military.

      If this virus has shown us nothing else, it has shown us that this shithole is a damned mess! It was never great. It was never filled with ‘exceptionalism’ and that is glaringly obvious, for who would look to this mess over here and attempt to emulate it? Other countries are looking on in horror as this shit cannot even manage to get enough protective gear to those who are on the frontlines fighting to care for those who are sick. They are coming down with this virus and so the sick are caring for the sick. Who the hell thinks the outcome of that is going to be great? And yet Trump states that he is going to reopen Amerikkka? Yeah, right!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


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