This Shit Is Why The NAACP Is Irrelevant!

I have been saying for years all over this blog that the NAACP is totally useless when it comes to doing a goddamn thing about the issues that are plaguing the few remaining Black communities. What is the NAACP doing about gentrification, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration of American descendants of slaves, outrageous statistics of homelessness among American descendants of slaves, huge disparities in income, housing, medical care, infant mortality rates and the fucked up list is endless? The NAACP can’t do a goddamn thing about ANY of that because the organization is ALWAYS embroiled in scandal after scandal after scandal.

Ex-NAACP leader ‘deeply sorry’ but denies sexual assault

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A former North Carolina NAACP leader has softened his denial of sexual misconduct accusations.

In a written statement given to The Associated Press, the Rev. Curtis Gatewood says he never intentionally harassed anyone, but realizes his actions “may have been received as sexual.”

Gatewood says in the statement issued Tuesday that he’s “deeply sorry,” but denies committing any kind of sexual assault. No criminal charges have been filed.

Jazmyne Childs alleges that she was assaulted and harassed when she was employed by the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). She states that she told her parents and asked the NAACP for help when the alleged incidents occurred when she was a 17-year old intern.

It is alleged that Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood, while performing his duties as a ‘man of the cloth’ at the NAACP, could not stop giving Ms. Childs, flirting looks, as in lowering his head and batting his mascaraed eye lashes at her. He could not stop touching her(other wise known as ‘laying on hands’) and making comments to the tune of “Lord have mercy child, the Lord has blessed you with the curves that tempt a ‘man of the cloth’ to go where no ‘man of the cloth’ should go!”

At first Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood denied the allegations, but then spoke with ‘God’, who apparently, told him to at least admit to flirting, touching and commenting on Ms. Childs looks. Although this ‘man of the cloth’ has admitted that much, he still denies any wrong doing. Apparently, we are to believe that in his duties as a ‘man of the cloth’ for the NAACP, the Lord did not give this ‘man of the cloth’ the fortitude to withstand the ‘temptations of the flesh’. The temptation was too much for him to handle and so he could not contain his ardor for the 17-year old Ms. Childs. I suppose, in his eyes, she should have been star-struck that a ‘man of the cloth’ found her just entirely too irresistible to the point whereas she made him lose his religion.

Those who are members of the NAACP are staunchly supporting Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood, just as they initially supported Rachel Dolezal when she was perpetrating a fraud by pretending to be Black. They also initially supported their decision to give lifetime achievement awards to a stomp down, flaming racist named Donald Sterling. The NAACP continues to give achievement awards to folks who aren’t even Black. And so this latest scandal to come down the pike was to be expected.

American descendants of slaves have not received ANY real help or relief of any kind from the NAACP in decades. As I have also stated multiple times on this blog, the NAACP is as useless to American descendants of slaves as taking a teaspoon of water to put out a raging inferno. If that organization was about shit, it would have been shut down by whitey pasty ass just as whitey parasite ass shut down every organization and movement that was about anything that helped American descendants of slaves; just think of the Black Panther Party and Movement, The Civil Rights Movement, MOVE and so forth and so on. Dr. King and others were on FBI watch lists and deemed,’enemies of the state’ and were spied upon, were jailed, had their meetings disrupted and to this very day, any organization that would benefit American descendants of slaves is shut down. And the only ones still standing are the NAACP and the Urban League and again, both are useless and that is why they are still standing.

You can see what the NAACP is all about; shucking and jiving for the white man, employing ‘men of the cloth’ who allegedly sexually harass teenagers, give lifetime achievement awards to stomp down, flaming racists and take up for a white bitch who deceived the members into believing that she was Black and made that bitch, Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane Washington Chapter of the NAACP. So, you tell me how the NAACP benefits the average American descendant of slaves? Yeah! I can’t wait for that short ass list.

Meanwhile, Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood has had his membership suspended from the NAACP and so I guess that’s that folks. Why should he be held accountable for his actions over an alleged sexual harassment accusation? He will not since those at the NAACP are staunchly supporting this horny snake oil salesman.

Such as Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood is exactly why you won’t find me sitting up in a so-called ‘palace of worship’ listening to some horny clown spout bullshit about “What a friend we have in jesus” with his hypocritical ass! How Black people can even sit up and listen to that tripe that was handed down to us by the most depraved pasty slugs to ever slither and crawl all across this planet is a complete and utter mystery to me, but it would seem that we just love taking up what our enemies have thrown at us. Look at how fucking evil they are. Do you really believe that anything good could come from the likes of that pasty-assed lot? Ask Deacon Reverend Doctor Bishop Pastor Curtis Gatewood since he seems hell bent on following in their footsteps all the way to the gates of hell and beyond! And he can take those worthless shits who make up the NAACP with him!

10 thoughts on “This Shit Is Why The NAACP Is Irrelevant!

    1. And tell ’em if they want an argument, I’m right here!!!! Thanks again Kreb! And that’s especially so if they claim to be a member of the NAACC: National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons! There! I fixed it for ’em and they can just hand me a Lifetime Achievement Award for doing so. If Donald Sterling can get one for being a flaming, stomp down racist, then it’s the least they can do for what I’ve just accomplished FOR them!

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  1. The NAACP is a bunch of Civil Rights retreads and professional do-nothings. They advocate, just like the congressional “Black” Caucus, more for immigration issues more than black people’s. Righteous read, Shelby.

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    1. Thank you The Stormy Poet! Any issues are more important than issues facing American descendants of slaves. And the immigration issue is against ADOS. And for proof of that, just look at who is sitting all up on Skid Row in California. Look at who are sitting all up in the homeless camps all across this racist shithole. Newsfuckingflash! They are not ‘immigrants’. You don’t see no Asians sitting all up in homeless camps, nor do you see Russians, those motherfuckers from India or Pakistan or from ANY goddamn where else. Those ‘immigrants’ come over here and are given carte blanch by the whites in the form of free food, free housing, free grants, tax free every goddamn thing, free health care and some more shit and told to fuck us up and that is exactly what they do. The Asians open up liquor stores in the few remaining Black communities selling us the same thing the whites handed to the original inhabitants of this now fucked up land, the Indians. The Hindu motherfuckers are also on every other corner from the Asians selling us outdated, overpriced garbage. And the Pakistanis are doing the same damn thing. Black women are buying hair care products by the billions from those goddamn Asians who have cornered the market on Black hair care products.

      The NAACP is doing fuck all about rabid gentrification and the lack of affordable housing for low wage American descendants of slaves. They are quiet as cat piss on the school-to-prison pipeline issue and mass incarceration of our Black brothers and sisters. That fucking piece of shit NAACP would never get a ‘dues’ payment from me. For what? They don’t ‘dues’ a goddamn thing to assist the abused, misused and targeted for extermination American descendants of slaves. Fuck those worthless motherfuckers at the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons!

      I thank you again for your comment. It is right as rain.


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