Why I Did NOT ‘Celebrate’ Juneteenth



So, what exactly is Juneteenth?


[jo͞oːnˌtēːnTH, ˌjo͞onˈtēnTH, jo͞o:nˈtē:nTH]

a holiday celebrated on 19 June to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. The holiday was first celebrated in Texas, where on that date in 1865, in the aftermath of the Civil War, slaves were declared free under the terms of the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation.
What does emancipation mean?


the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.
“the emancipation of feminist ideas”
freeing · liberation · liberating · setting free · release · releasing · letting loose/out · setting loose/free · discharge · unchaining · unfettering · unshackling · untying · unyoking · uncaging · unbridling · freedom · liberty · manumission · disenthrallment
  • the freeing of someone from slavery.
    “the early struggle for emancipation from slavery”


So when you look at why Juneteenth is celebrated and you look at what emancipation means, tell me, American Descendants of Slavery, how are you free, liberated, unshackled, unyoked, uncaged, unbridled and unfettered?

When the protesters were in Minneapolis going the fuck off, those who are descendants of the racist shits that enslaved our ancestors were busy spying on the mostly Black protesters via drones, spy planes and spy helicopters in order to arrest people who were supposedly, liberated. But we know that we are not liberated because the protesters were protesting because a Black man was detained and murdered for no reason. So, what were you celebrating on Juneteenth? That you enjoy enslavement? That you enjoy being spied on by the same government that dragged your ancestors here to become slaves for them? Did you celebrate Juneteenth because the whites are championing that day as though there is some meaning to it for us because if you are, then you are so stupid that you could actually be made to believe that shit don’t stink.

As long as the whites are telling you to ‘celebrate’ some bullshit, why…there you go. When the whites tell you to celebrate Black History Month…well, there you go. When the whites tell you to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day…why there you go. Those days have no meaning for us. Those days are the whites’ way of saying, “Look, I’ve given you much to celebrate. Now go out and buy shit and shut the hell up because that is all that we owe you. Fuck reparations. You’ll get a few days in which to celebrate what you think are freedoms.” And you know what, most of us do just that. You accept so little and will rejoice over a turd handed to you, especially if you are being told that that turd has special significance to you.

Whites are flaming liars, thieves, criminals and murderers; that’s what they’ve always been and that’s what they always will be. You cannot expect whites to do shit that would make a gnat’s ass worth of real difference in your life. They will talk shit to you and hope that you continue to buy it and eat it and you do and so why would they feel pressured to actually do anything of substance; anything of meaning? They wouldn’t.

When you celebrated Juneteenth, did it put any money into your pocket? Did it give you health insurance? Did it cure your diabetes since you have diabetes because of poor diet because you work minimum wage jobs and cannot afford the proper foods with nutrients needed for a healthy body? Did it move you out of a crime infested neighborhood that is wracked with gang violence? Did it close down the liquor store in your neighborhood owned by a foreigner brought over here for the express purpose of further reducing your time spent on this planet above ground? Did celebrating Juneteenth get the bank to approve a home loan for you? Did celebrating Juneteenth get you approved for an apartment in a nice section of town? Did celebrating Juneteenth get you into college? What was the purpose of you celebrating Juneteenth? There was none and the whites know this. The purpose of you celebrating Juneteenth was all for the whites. It had absolutely nothing to do with you since the whites know that whatever bone they toss you, you will run with it, be thankful for it and don’t question why the whites are hyping up some piece of shit ‘day of emancipation’ that never took place, because make no mistake, we are still slaves. We are still slaves in every way.

Look around you. What group in this country is in the worst possible condition? The group that was hellbent on celebrating Juneteenth, that’s who. What the fuck do you have to celebrate? American descendants of slavery are the poster children for homelessness, income inequality, mass incarceration, abject hunger, childhood poverty, high school drop-out rates out of the ballpark, inadequate or no health care, high mortality rates for Black women, babies and children and for both Black men and women, high mortality rates from being murdered by cops. And statistically speaking, we are at the bottom, economically and so disadvantaged, it has been stated that Black household wealth stands at $7.00. We have no real and true wealth; no tangible and intangible assets.

But that was not always the case. Whites destroyed everything we ever built for ourselves, from our homes to our institutions to our movements and so why do you think that they have no problem with us ‘celebrating’ Juneteenth, Black History Month and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day? It is because that is ALL we are to have. And for most of you, that seems to be enough!

And yet, when the protests were raging, all we heard from the whites and from the Black misleaders was, “Look! They are burning down their own neighborhoods!” What fucking neighborhoods do we own? Black people don’t own shit! The lone Black barbershop on the corner is nothing to screech about because, HELL! In Baltimore, MD, Black people have taken to doing curbside barbering. Those goddamn foreigners that the whites have over here on expired visas own that shit that was burned to the ground. If you look at the news out of Minneapolis, there was some Somali man standing there talking about how he owned this and that and was going to help the burned out community. SERIOUSLY??!! How did his tree climbing ass, crawl down from a tree in Somalia, fly the fuck over here and own some damn businesses when Black people, who were born here and are descendants of slaves, have to operate a ‘curbside’ barbershop and yet the whites and the Black misleaders want to exclaim that we are burning down our own damn businesses? What businesses? Yeah! Go do your research and get back to me on that. American descendants of slavery are doing so poorly because it is by design. Whites know why! And they intend on keeping that status quo the same for why else is every other group that comes over here, given every advantage in the world to build up shit, while our shit gets torn down by the whites who spy on us, constantly? They spy on us to make sure that we don’t get any ideas that we are ever going to get ahead because they make damn sure that they nip that shit in the bud before it can even get off the goddamn ground.

But we can happily celebrate Juneteenth because it does NOTHING for us! It is not supposed to, but we are satisfied because Amerikkka, this fucking year, celebrated Juneteenth with us. Ain’t that some shit??!! Indeed, it was!

6 thoughts on “Why I Did NOT ‘Celebrate’ Juneteenth

  1. Every word rings with truth, Shelby. Whites are con artists who use thousands of years of experience in the art of the con to colonize, divide and conquer, represent themselves as the civilized and cultured creations of a god who looked just like them. They created most of the borders on the entire planet and use a map projection (Mercator) that makes them look large and dominant over the Earth, they explore new worlds and introduce savages to a white-supremacist bible that treats slavery as the will of their white patriarchal creator, their missionaries follow the war machines into every square millimeter of surface area. The Catholic church propagandists define the lower-case word “universal” when 99% of their congregants are white supremacists. The white-supremacist evangelical warriors such as the Falwell family covet the rest of the bounty stolen from those they associate with Cain of their most holy scriptures. Western Art of the Europeans depict castles in what they deem the “Holy Land”, they serve as symbols of the feudal ways of their Holy Roman Empire. They write books with titles like “The Glory of the Crusades” to cast nothing but aspersions upon any non-European countenance and color. Mother Teresa was a sadist who tortured in the name of Jesus, the son of God. I could go on and, of course, I will.

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    1. Bill, don’t even get me started on that ‘religious’ nonsense. There have been so-called ‘Holy Wars’ or as you stated, ‘Crusades’, and so what does that tell you? It tells me that religion is a crock of shit! I think I’ve always known that even as I was being indoctrinated into the ‘christian fold’ as a child, hence why I distanced myself from that mess just as soon as I could tell my mother to “Piss off!” when she was going on and on about going to church. I’d had enough! No one is going to keep telling me that the sky is pink when I see blue.

      And yes, “whites are con artists,” but the thing is, the con is still going strong after all the time that has passed since the con began. Everyone is still being conned, in some way, especially American descendants of slavery and we seem to be the most susceptible to the con. It’s like, we don’t even know when we are being conned and the sad part is, the whites are not even being that slick with the con and so what does that say for the majority of us? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

      All I heard on Juneteenth was, “I’m barbecuing to celebrate Juneteenth.” And all I could do was roll my eyes because there is just no use in saying a damn word. I would have been talking to myself.

      With all the problems that we are facing today and yet, we are going to throw some damn hot dogs on a grill and celebrate bullshit? Seriously? This is why I often say, “I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us,” because we just refuse to ever open our eyes and see reality for what it really is; our continued enslavement. We had no cause to ‘celebrate’ Juneteenth, not when there are millions of us behind bars on bullshit drug charges, not when millions of us have been made homeless due to gentrification’s ever encroaching tentacles, not when we have such disparities in health care, income, employment, housing, education and the list is endless. There is just absolutely nothing to celebrate.

      And yes, the ‘official’ narrative can be that Mother Teresa was a saint, but that dead bitch was just that, a depraved, tormentor who smiled for the cameras and pretended to be a ‘do gooder’ when she was the devil’s own wife. If there is a hell, then hopefully her debased ass is roasting on a damn spit right next to a line of dead filth just like her. As for Jerry Falwell, Jr., don’t even get me started on that heap of steaming, stinking shit! I don’t want to blow another gasket.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. The con game has indeed been going on for a long time and without interruption. Only the names of the systems of white control change, it all boils down to capitalism taking maximal advantage of the human resources “discovered” in Africa. It has never been the other way around. White supremacist exploitation is cold, calculated, and criminal activity poorly disguised as the guardians of superior culture. Fascism, colonialism, mercantilism, it’s all the same con. But it’s not only the economic model, but the system also extends to every aspect of “polite” society. The system is totally devoid of any redeeming moral value.

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    1. What to me is a shame, is that the people who have been largely impacted by what whites have and are still doing to them, have not collectively risen up and destroyed the whites. The problem is that NO other group on this planet is ANYTHING close to resembling what the whites are because if they were, the whites would have long since had their collective asses, handed to them. And if it were up to me, that is exactly what would have happened.

      The Africans are even to this day, still allowing those Asians and Caucasians to steal everything, even shit that’s nailed down and abscond with it while Africa’s people live in abject poverty or are not welcome ANYWHERE else in the world. This does not make a damn bit of sense; that even after all of these hundreds of years, Africa refuses to get its collective act together and put paid to that shit. Oh, over here, we’re already dead, we just haven’t figured it out yet, but we are not living, we are merely sucking air and we don’t even know why because even our souls are destroyed; that is why we are pill popping, unhealthy, unhappy, drunken, brain dead, complacent zombies. Most of us barely have any life left in us. Even those who are out on the streets protesting, look tired and worn down.

      Who the fuck is caring about a damn mask; many just want it over with already. That is the truth. What is there even left to live for? GMO food? Toxic air and water? Constantly under surveillance? Standing on warehouse floors for hours at a time boxing useless plastic shit to be shipped to mindless shopping drones who are really no better off? They just pretend they are. Who is happy? Who is thriving? Who is not merely existing? Billions of people are in the same predicament, worldwide and yet still keep taking the shit and just scrolling down a smartphone looking at some stupid shit on Facebook and Twitter. And who set this useless shit all in motion? Whites! We have whites to ‘thank’ for this shit!

      AGAIN, let me stop here before I need a goddamn drink.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


  3. @shelbycourtland
    “ As long as the whites are telling you to ‘celebrate’ some bullshit, why…there you go. When the whites tell you to celebrate Black History Month…well, there you go. When the whites tell you to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day…why there you go. Those days have no meaning for us. Those days are the whites’ way of saying, “Look, I’ve given you much to celebrate. Now go out and buy shit and shut the hell up because that is all that we owe you. Fuck reparations. ”

    It’s capitalism. Wokeness as an advertising strategy. These non black people are eating this shit up & cashing out. While our people are buying into this shit living in a illusion, non black people are using strategies to benefit from our struggle. Bringing down racist monuments don’t mean shit because that is putting fuel into the fire. That’s what the media is doing since white people control it. When whites people feel that they are losing power they will go into full attack mode. White men are at the gun range & gun stores getting prepare for a race war. Black men on the other hand not so much they are asking for white validation, white protection, voting people out of office listening to black celebrities and etc. These protest are not effective.

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    1. While every other group is helping each other out, we are busy laughing at someone because they don’t have on the latest Michael Jordan shoes that’s benefiting some white man’s bottom line. If we are not standing in line at the mall, paying $300.00 for a pair of shoes, we are somewhere buying some rappers cussing shit about “niggas,”bitches,” “hos” and some more shit.

      I read an article the other day that there were 67 shootings in Chicago in one night, 11 people died and 4 were minors and you can bet, all of them were Black. But you don’t hear anybody going on and on about the drug trade and why there are gangs and why Black men are killing one another and even killing babies and old women. One old woman was inside her home and got shot when a bullet entered her home. She is just lucky, the bullet didn’t kill her. And some people, even drove themselves to the hospital even though they were shot.

      Pulling down monuments to bigots, racists and slave owners does NOTHING for what ails Black America today. That’s the EASY thing to do. What needs to be done, won’t get done because we are to concentrate on “what a great thing it is that whites are tearing down their shrines.” I don’t give a shit about that. Those shrines are not why drugs and guns are loaded down in the few remaining inner cities. Those shrines are not responsible for GENTRIFICATION, hating ass whites are! Those shrines to white supremacy are not why American descendants of slaves are perceived as “The Faces of Coronavirus.” Those shrines are not what’s killing us on these mean streets. Racist kops are killing us. “Karens” are busy calling the kops on us. And we are somewhere out on the streets, marching with our mortal foe and hugging their damn asses. We are even buying kops, lunch. They keep an article on my MSN screen about the fact that some elderly Black ladies paid for a sheriff’s lunch and left him a note, “thanking him for his service.” Yeah! Thanking him for his service in locking our Black asses up and when he’s not doing that, he’s lynching our asses.

      Sheriff’s deputy is touched by a note left by two black women after an anonymous act of kindness

      A Tennessee sheriff’s deputy got a heartfelt surprise after two black women anonymously paid for his meal at Cracker Barrel.

      Deputy Jody McDowell thanked the women for their generosity in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

      “I want to thank the two sweet black ladies who paid for my breakfast this morning,” he said. “While waiting for a transport to be completed, I decided to have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel near the Nashville airport.”

      Accompanying his post was a photo of the note the women left with their act of kindness: “BLM, but so does yours! Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.”

      You see this stupid shit that we do??!!! Ain’t no fucking way that I am going to pay for some racist kop’s meal. But that’s what Black folks do! They fucking love their enemies to pieces and yet, hate each other! That does NOT make any sense!

      Black people, for the most part, are SO damn stupid, it is ridiculous! I’m just at a loss, qnubian. If this is as far as we have not come in the year 2020, we ain’t going anywhere because we’ve not moved anywhere, except backwards. That’s what the fuck most Blacks are; backwards and that is a sad ass shame. And voting has NOT solved a goddamn thing for us and it won’t. I am NOT voting ever again and I mean that shit. What the hell for? Even on a local level it does no good and even when we have Black elected officials, they don’t do shit because the white man is running their ass.

      We’ve got a Black-assed female mayor in this dead ass burg and for all the good she is doing for any Black person in this burg, she may as well be white because the whites run this burg; they always have and they always will. That Black-assed mayor only has the illusion of power because in reality, she has NONE! And her Black ass is the first to know it!

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


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