‘Officer’ Jeronimo Yanez Murdered Philando Castile Without Any Provocation, Whatsoever!

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This is the latest on the murder of Philando Castile by a Minnesota KKKop.

Details Emerge of Philando Castile Shooting, and Minnesota Protests Carry Into Morning

Mr. Philando Castile, a 32-year-old cafeteria supervisor at a St. Paul school, had been killed by multiple gunshot wounds, and the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. State investigators identified the officer who shot him as Jeronimo Yanez, a four-year veteran of the St. Anthony Police Department.

Officer Yanez was a member of an organization for Latino police officers.

The article goes on to say that Officer Yanez volunteered at Cinco de Mayo celebrations and participated in ‘Shop with a cop’ program for Cub Scouts.

So, it really doesn’t matter; white cops, black cops, Latino cops, all are killing Black people without cause and without provocation.

We all know why white KKKops are killing Black folks and the Black cops are simply house niggers, especially the ones who were instrumental in causing the death of Freddie Gray and Latinos? Well now, if you think Latinos have ever identified with Black folks, you go on down to some Latin American countries and ask the Black folks who live amongst that lot if those Latinos give a good goddamn about them. They will tell you quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry that the Latinos treat them just as bad as the whites in AmeriKKKa treat Black people. Latinos hate us too. This I know because, unfortunately, we’ve got a huge concentration of Latinos in my state and many are here, illegally. Go figure!

And don’t even bother attempting to castigate me for the statement that many Latinos are here illegally because that is a fact. Smithfield meat packing plant was hiring almost nothing but illegals as was Chipotle and Chipotle had the nerve to wonder why its food was filled with E. coli? Seriously? And the hotels here hire only Latinos and then people have the nerve to wonder why bedbugs are so prevalent. Latinos are infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, filthyitis and hateBlackmanella.

That refried beans eating motherfucker, Officer Jeronimo Yanez, saw a chance to kill a ‘nigger’ and he took it. The white KKKop that was with him probably shit his Depends undergarment because he was hoping to be the one to shoot and kill that ‘nigger’.

How many of you Black folks were showering the Latino community with your displays of righteous outrage over that Gay Latino nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida? Yeah! Too damn many of you. Well, I can tell you one thing, I did not share your outrage because I knew long before LATINO police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot and killed Philando Castile at point blank range in front of his girlfriend and her four-year old daughter that those taco crunching motherfuckers hate our guts. They don’t need any goddamn support from us. They receive plenty of support from other nasty gay burrito eating motherfuckers. I always wondered why I hate Mexican food. Now, I don’t. Guacamole, anyone? I’ve never liked to see the likes of shit on my plate and refried this and mashed up that, looks just like brown or green shit to me. I wouldn’t eat shit and so I wouldn’t eat Mexican food either. Fuck you, Chipotle!

But I digress, as usual. Back to the subject at hand. Jeronimo Yanez, a Latino, shot and killed an innocent Black man in Minnesota over a busted tail light. Was that really the reason? You know the answer to that. And now, governor Dayton has stepped forward and said that race did indeed factor into why Philando Castile was racially profiled and murdered. The governor also said that no one should lose their life over a broken tail light stop. Where has he been? Because Sandra Bland was pulled over for a wrong turn signal and ended up hanged in a Texas jail cell, ostensibly because she was depressed over starting a new job in Texas. Now, I would imagine that many of us would get depressed over losing a job, but never over obtaining a new one. The cover-ups just pile up. But anyway, Governor Dayton has promised ‘justice’. Is he for real? Has he been asleep for the past 500 years?

Dayton, a Democrat, said the Wednesday-night shooting here was “beyond the pale.”

“Nobody should be shot and killed in Minnesota … for a tail light being out of function,” the governor said. “Nobody should be shot and killed while seated still in their car. I’m heartbroken.”


Uh, Governor Dayton, no one should be killed in AmeriKKKa ‘for a tail light being out of function’. Don’t stop with just ‘in Minnesota’. This is exactly what I mean. What is happening is continuously looked at as a local problem and not for what it is, a national trend; a deadly national trend, deadly for mostly Black people and it will continue in spite of all the rhetoric because spouting useless rhetoric has never gotten a goddamn thing done.

“Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver and the passengers, were white?” Dayton said nearly a day after Castile was killed. “I don’t think it would have. … I think all of us in Minnesota are forced to confront that this kind of racism exists.”

Minnesotans are no different from Virginians or Iowans or any other states’ people in that unapologetic racism, prejudice and bigotry rules the day; always has and always will. The glaring fact of Blacks living in extreme poverty in Minnesota is there for all to see, especially the governor. But he is supposed to look out for the wellbeing of not just his white constituents, but also his Black ones as well. His white constituents don’t need anyone to look out for them as they’re rich beyond their wildest dreams while the Blacks and Indians here live worse than people in Bangladesh and Madagascar. Has he addressed the issues of these constituents of his? Hell no and he won’t. But he has the nerve to stand before cameras, and for obvious reasons, lie through his yellow teeth that ‘justice will be served’. Don’t hold your breath because if you do, you’ll be just as dead as one of Governor Dayton’s previously ignored constituents, Philando Castile.

Black folks, you can march until you drop dead and nothing will change. Why you don’t see that, I just don’t know. People were protesting last night and all through the morning and all the KKKops did was suit up in riot gear and tell the protesters that if they threw rocks at them, all hell would be unleashed on them. And when word came that some KKKops had been shot up in Texas, why, many of the protesters just up and went home. I don’t even know why they bothered heading to a protest. To show their solidarity with the victim’s family? To make them think that they’ve done something constructive about all the shit that’s been going down for hundreds of years in this hellhole? If we have been shown nothing else, we have been shown that despite our numerous so-called ‘movements’, we have not ‘moved’ anywhere. Not one thing has been accomplished since the Civil Rights Movement.

Every group on this planet wants us dead and they are not going to stop killing us until we are all dead. Get that through your head. Latinos are not your friend. They are your enemy, same as whites, Asians and whatever else is walking upright all across this planet. You have no friends because even the ones who are standing in the protest line with you, would turn on you in a New York nanosecond since it is their family members that are the reason why you are shot dead on every street in this shithole. They’ll not tell you that their daddy or uncle or sister is a KKKop. They’ll just put an arm around you and tell you how sorry they are that this keeps happening. They are not sorry because if they were, this would not continue to happen. And this, you should know. No one is going to help us or be on our side, but us and until you understand that, you will continue to look to your enemy for help and he is the very one, you should never stand beside or turn your back on because they’d shoot you in it as soon as look at you.

Black folks! You think that whites and Latinos and Asians share your pain? Ha! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! You’ll never find me loving all up and down on any of that shit. And to you Latino motherfuckers, I sure wish that Donald Trump could send you nasty ass tamale eating motherfuckers back to where the fuck you came from and keep you the fuck out of AmeriKKKa because we’ve got enough to deal with with the whites that are all on our ass. We don’t need the likes of you adding to our problems! Yeah! I’d pay for some bricks for that wall! I sure as hell would and would even help build it! I’d become a brick mason; quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry!

And if you’ve got a problem with this post, bite me!

15 thoughts on “‘Officer’ Jeronimo Yanez Murdered Philando Castile Without Any Provocation, Whatsoever!

  1. Reblogged this on Puppet Master's Slave Market and commented:
    Heartbreaking ? It is much more than that. MURDERis the word and prison is the answer. wonder how much his girlfriend and family will get from the civil suit , tens of millions I hope. The aftermath treatment of his girlfriend, that calm and brave young lady who served justice so well under pressure by live streaming the murder and death was horribly cruel and textbook ZioNazi. Depose the tyranny at the to of the food chain. All crime leads to Killer E. Clinton. Clinton will kill anyone and everyone to fulfil the ZioNazi agenda of the Protocols 9f the learned elders of Zion. They want our guns so they can drain our blood and eat our children.


  2. Police shootings are extra-judicial assassinations and symbolic of extreme government tyranny. If they can get away with murdering black people, they will have no compunction about murdering people of other skin complexion who get in their way. It’s really sad how the majority of society fails to see this when recent history in the Third Reich demonstrates this so clearly. Hopefully they wake up before it’s too late – or we are all lost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is true Dr. Bramhall! But it would appear that other groups believe that what is going down on Black folks cannot be done to them. We are on our own and we have been since day one and that is not going to change because other groups will not see that they are next in line. It is just a matter of time. And quite frankly, Latinos should know better than to think that the Caucasians are going to treat them any better. But they do the same as the Blacks when joining the KKKop force, they proceed to riddle us with bullets, innocent of any crime though we be, because for some strange reason, they apparently think that by copying the atrocious hatred that Caucasian KKKops display towards us, that this will win them some sort of kudos from Caucasians when nothing could be further from the truth.

      We are all eventually going to get our asses handed to us and people cannot even see this yet? It is unbelievable how clueless people choose to remain when the writing is all over the wall.

      I thank you for that spot on comment Dr. Bramhall. You are right on point, as usual!


  3. Very sorry to hear, but not surprised about man’s inhumanity towards man. I believe we are at a tipping point, where ppl become so oppressed that they’ll actually blow up against their oppressors. It turns out that the sniper was a trained soldier who served in Iraq! I guess he had seriously legit reasons to “kill as many white as possible”. Here’s to waking up with blood in your eye! 😉


    1. Indeed 1EarthUnited! And I just now put up a blog on that one also! Man’s inhumanity toward man will be reciprocated. It has been tolerated for hundreds of years in this shithole and now people want to denounce a so-called ‘race war’ when a war has been raged against my RACE for hundreds of goddamn years and that wasn’t a problem. But now, if we reciprocate, why, that right there is just too damn fucking awful. We is just supposed to continue to get gunned down for no reason and act like we like it. We have peacefully protested for years too numerous to count and where has that gotten us. Murdered!

      Some people are just not afraid to die because they see that what they are doing is not living. And before they die, they are going to take out as many of their oppressors as they can and rightly so! I will not condemn this man for what he did because AmeriKKKa trained him to become a killer, hired him to be a killer and now seems appalled when he kills. For real? These stupid fucks over here cannot understand the concept of “you shall reap what you sow!”

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited! I sincerely appreciate it.


  4. The black and brown coalition doesn’t make sense. Much more has been done for them as a group, they experience far less than what we do, and they as a group are only looking out for themselves,which is their right. Still, our black “leaders” are saying black and brown when their own leaders don’t.

    Here is a story about how Latino gang members in California were forcing blacks out of L.A.:


    1. Well, I can honestly say that I have not included Latinos in the fight for survival of the Black race in AmeriKKKa. If I ever speak of Brown people, it is when I am speaking of AmeriKKKa’s illegal war against those in the Middle East. Although, to be quite honest, hardly any of them are that brown.

      As far as I am concerned, there has never been a ‘black and brown’ coalition and there never will be a ‘black and brown’ coalition. Those Latinos hate our guts with a passion and I for one, would not turn my back on those devils for all the rice in China. Why the so-called Black leaders go on and on about a ‘black and brown’ coalition is beyond me except that we know they are not too bright. They allow themselves to be bamboozled, daily and beg for more and Black people blindly follow those yokels right over a goddamn cliff. It is all mindboggling to say the least.

      And yes, I had heard about what has been going down in LA insofar as the Latinos are running the Black folks up out of there. Those Latino bastards are some real filthy and nasty shits. I’ll never forget, many years ago, a young Black woman had a baby with a Latino and when she tried to leave him for abusing her, he took a machete and hacked her to pieces in front of their 2-year old child. I said right then and there, that I would never have anything nice to say about Latinos and would most definitely steer clear of them.

      It pains me to know that our hotels are filled with Latino housekeepers because they are, in my opinion, responsible for the bedbug infestation. They also have some of the worst gangs ever established. They need to be deported, but the problem is that those wily bastards have dug tunnels that lead to AmeriKKKa and it is just not possible to keep them out. If I thought a wall would do any good, think I wouldn’t help to finance it and build it but those heathens have too many goddamn tunnels dug through to the U.S.

      N.S., it was good to see you in here and I sincerely thank you for your comment. I hope I left the right one up.


      1. You are always welcome, especially in here N.S. and you were missed! I worry about people that I think highly of when I have not seen them for awhile, what with everything going down and you are among them.


  5. I just needed to recharge, that is all. Aside from work, I didn’t have energy for anything else for a couple of months and I decided it would be better to relax. I am better now. Thanks for your concern and thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know about recharging N.S. as I’ve done it many times as well. I am just, again, glad that you are okay man! And I am glad that you are taking care of YOU! Stay strong! We are here for you! If you need anything, just holler!


  6. I’m with you Shelby and keep reading and “liking” and promoting – just don’t have the stamina to contribute comments right now.


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