2020 Is Going To Be A ‘Make Or Break’ Year: That, I Can Sense

The title of this post is taken from a comment that was posted on a blog dated December 29, 2019.

I have been blogging since February of 2013 trying to wake Black people the hell up. It did NOT work. Here is the comment that I posted in response to someone’s comment to me on this blog.

“Yes it is sad and it is only going to get worse. The shit that I’ve seen in just the last 5 years alone should have long since curled my toes. The future for ADOS is extremely bleak, it really is. If we don’t come together as a whole, we are done for. 2020 is going to be a ‘make or break’ year; that, I can sense. The shit the whites are doing to us, they have been ramping it up for years while we sit somewhere in movie theaters watching stupid, make believe shit produced by those racists, while we are still on some fake nails, fake hair and fake chicken sandwich nonsense. What the hell is wrong with us? We have lost SO much ground in the last two decades, it ain’t even funny.

When Tom Joyner signed off on his radio show, he said that “Black America was more woke 50 years ago. Today we are not woke at all.” He could not be more right. More’s the damn pity!

All I can say is, “We’d ALL better wake the fuck up!” It may already be too late. We shall see.”

2020 is proving to be exactly what I knew that it was going to be; a make or break year for American descendants of slavery.

I tried in ways too numerous to count to get those in my group, ADOS, to come up out of their hypnotic trance and get with the program that the whites ain’t fucking playing with us. They have NEVER been playing with us and why we did not understand that the shit was going to get worse for us, I don’t know because the signs were everywhere. And many of us who were already woke to the shit were trying to get the rest to wake the hell up and realize and understand that the stupid shit that many of you were about, needed to be fucking dropped.

While the whites have had most of you hooked, not on phonics, but on Disney and Marvel Comics bullshit, the whites were planning multiple ways to assist in OUR demise, just as they’ve always done. Do you seriously think that it is by accident that most of us ADOS are always on the frontlines of every goddamn horrible shitty shit to come down the pike? Do you seriously think that whites have EVER had our best interest at heart? Have you ever wondered why our mortality rates are, in comparison to whites, out-of-the-ballpark? I could continue as in our poverty rates, unemployment rates, home ownership rates, high school drop out rates, low higher educational achievement rates and don’t even get me started on income disparities when it comes to what American descendants of slaves earn and what whites earn.

Take a look at what everyone is doing as it relates to immigration and put what they are doing up against what we are doing and we are losing, hands down. Every single group that the whites have allowed to immigrate to this shithole have stepped above us, even the Africans who were responsible for ALLOWING the whites to sail off with our ancestors. The Asians are multi-billionaires as are those Hindu motherfuckers from India that’s got cows walking the streets. Those Hindu motherfuckers think more highly of cows than our Black asses here in Amerikkka. The Pakistanis are NOT our friend, nor are the Iraqis, Iranians, the Mexicans, the Spanish, French, Italians, Russians; no other group on this planet is our friend and yet we act as though we have no problems at all.

Look around you Black folks! What the fuck do you see? Article after article after article of Black folks as “The Faces of Coronavirus,” that’s what the fuck you see. And why is that? It is because of racism; filthy, savage, brutal racism! Black people are NOT “The Faces of Coronavirus” due to any underlying fucking medical conditions and these debased white shits know that. The reasons why Black people are “The Faces of Coronavirus” deaths is due to our jobs in that we are frontline workers and also the fact of racism. Tell me this. If a Black woman and a white man both went to the hospital in the same condition, coronavirus infected, tell me, which one would get the last remaining ventilator? But what’s even worse is that when Black people have gone to the hospital with coronavirus symptoms, they have been told to go home and take a goddamn aspirin. Even when they went to the hospital multiple times, they were still told to get out of the hospital and guess what. They fucking died! And the cause of death? COVID-19. But the REAL and TRUE cause of death was RACISM and don’t you ALL fucking know this!

So, while Black folks were sitting somewhere paying the white man for the dubious pleasure of watching Marvel and Disney’s version of “The Black Panther,” your asses were being set up. While Black folks were sitting somewhere in Asian-owned nail salons getting their fucking nails done, your asses were being set up. While Black women were running inside Asian-owned beauty supply stores, your asses were being set up. While Black people were lined up and fighting over chicken sandwiches at Popeye’s, your asses were being set up. While Black people were online buying the latest brand name in sneakers and apparel owned by whites and pimped by Blacks like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Cardi B, Kanye West, P. Diddy and all of the other Black sell-outs, your asses were being set up. While Black folks were busy perusing Amazon, making Jeff Bezos even more richer than he already is, your asses were being set up. But you know what? Your asses were warned and you paid no heed and now, you are paying for that shit, BIG TIME! You are being touted as “The Faces of Coronavirus.” And when you’re not being touted as “The Faces of Coronavirus,” you’re being touted as “The Faces of the Hungry.’ You’re being touted as the “Faces of the Unemployed.” You’re being touted as “The Faces of the Homeless.” In Georgia, in Louisiana, in Michigan, in Ohio, in New York, in Washington, DC, Maryland and elsewhere, Black people are the faces of ALL of that and then some and what is being done about it? NOTHING!

But don’t a goddamn one of you say that you weren’t warned because you were, you just paid no heed and now, you’re paying the piper. I am so very sorry to know that the Black folks who were woke, died decades ago because what we’ve got now are “The Walking Dead” because you always underestimate your enemy. You want to be entertained and dolled up with fake ass shit..and to do what???!!! Go to your death, that’s what. Yeah! I’m sure the dead ALL look nice in their coffin, still with some fake ass weave in and fake ass nails on and probably still smelling like kung pao chicken. And I bet, GOFUNDME funds had to pay for the fucking funeral.

As for the whites, don’t you pasty fucks even think about grinning and believing that you’ve done us in while saving your worthless hides because you’ll soon be jumping out of thirty story hotel windows and even those whores and whoremongers in Hollywood are going to be doing the same because who is going to get next to whom and kiss and slob down in those goddamn dumb ass movies? What cooking show is going to have some damn contestants running around dripping sweat and coronavirus into dishes that’s going to be served to some damn judges that used to own restaurants that have now been closed because millions are still going to refuse to step foot inside a restaurant and even those that remain open for curbside pickup are not going to see the traffic that dine in restaurants saw.

When the casinos reopen, how many are going to be allowed inside to sit next to one another hoping that a slot machine pays out? And when ALL the hair salons and nail salons and barbershops open back up, how many are going to contract coronavirus from those shops? Already some Black women are getting clued in and are buying fake nails and learning how to put them on and are claiming that they are no longer going to head inside a nail salon. Some Black women are claiming that they are going to do their cousin’s hair so that they don’t have to go back inside a hair salon. That’s what you should have been doing all along. But as usual, I digress.

Back to the whites. So whites, tell me, how long do you think that you can hold out when it comes to getting your shit fully back up and running? Oh, you’ve got the money now to wait this shit out, but that’s not going to last. Some of you have already had your shit buckle and we all know that MONEY and POWER is everything to you and without it, you are NOTHING! So, coronavirus won’t need to take your debased asses out, you’ll gladly do yourselves in because you cannot do poverty AT.ALL. When your businesses fail and even bailout money is of no help, what are you going to do then? We ALL know the answer to that!

Black people may have been caught up in the first wave of this virus, but know this whites, your ass is grass, as well. Coronavirus is coming for your ass in a different way; it’s going to hit you where it hurts; your pocket, your business. So you just keep thinking that Black people are going to continue to be “The Faces of Coronavirus,” but your turn is coming. Even in an upscale area of New Jersey, the whites were lined up at a food bank while still sitting in their fancy, expensive cars. What sense does that make? Ever the ones to try and hold on to your status symbols even as you sit in line and wait your turn to collect some free cabbage and potatoes from a food bank. The fallout from this virus has not even begun to impact your ass, but it will. So you sit somewhere and think that you are going to be okay because just when you think that all has returned to normal, you’ll soon be thinking differently. Mark my words.

And finally, Black folks, I’m done with your asses as well. I have been silent on here because I have ordered me a slew of books and I’m going to get to reading and so this blog will be closed. None of you would take heed of a goddamn thing that had nothing to do with fun and games and entertainment. Well, I don’t think that it is very entertaining to be without a job, food, a home and sitting somewhere sick. Has fake ass ‘Wakanda’s Black Panther’ come to the rescue? Is that dashiki and African head wrap you put on, helping you deal with the shit that’s going down now? Those fake nails have long since fallen off and the weave is now either dreaded or has long since been discarded as you try and head for a food bank, for those of you who can still maneuver and have not fallen ill. Again, you were warned and you paid no heed. I’m done because just like Tom Joyner said when he signed off on his radio show, “Black America was more woke 50 years ago. Today we are not woke at all.” Well now, you get to sleep the sleep of death.

8 thoughts on “2020 Is Going To Be A ‘Make Or Break’ Year: That, I Can Sense

  1. @shelbycourtland

    “ Today we are not woke at all.” Well now, you get to sleep the sleep of death.”

    Since this quarantine our people haven’t done anything as a collective. Every week its a new dumbass social media challenge that docile people are doing. How is all these challenges going to help us out. Shit is getting more real out here . These fools haven’t seen nothing yet, we’re heading into another “Great Depression” and we already know who going to be physically, verbally, & sexually attack the most will be our people. In the time of need these other races will stick with their own people. We’re seeing how the “Black Africans” in China are being treated in this pandemic. We’re seeing how “Black Africans” are being treated in the United States in this pandemic. Our people are still getting our ass beat by the police. We seen what happen in New York when the non black Hispanic cop beat the shit out of a black man because he wasn’t social distancing him self. We have seen what they are doing to be blacks people in big crowds because they are not social distancing but have non black people doing the same thing without shit being said.

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    1. Shanequa, your comment sums up why I have given up. It is useless. Why the hell should I continue to rail at motherfuckers who ain’t listening because they are on some dumb ass time? I am NOT going to continue to waste my time trying to wake these Black fools up and I don’t give a damn who don’t like what I say. I can quite honestly see why Prince and other Black bloggers have just shut their shit down. Only a couple of them have posted ANYTHING in recent memory because they know that doing so is pointless. I am not about to blow a gasket trying to reach the clueless. I can’t compete with Cardi B. I can’t compete with Niki Minage. I can’t compete with the latest rapper to come down the pike with some damn foolishness. I can’t compete with Jordan’s sneakers. Hell! That shit is all that matters to Black people and quite frankly, there ain’t a goddamn thing to work with and so I fucking quit! I should have quit long ago because Black folks just refuse, and I do me, REFUSE, to get their collective act together.

      Every other group is helping each other out while we are sitting somewhere acting stupid and taking up shit we should have left the hell alone because it does us no good. We are poor as fuck, while at the same time enriching other motherfuckers who hate our damn guts. What fucking sense does that make? And then, we are wondering why we are the faces of coronavirus. Black people should have seen this shit coming from years back and started preparing, but no! Movies and rappers and celebrities and brand name sneakers and designer smartphone cases and shit are all we are about while other groups are about the business of making money to make sure that their asses are NOT “The Faces of Coronavirus,” are not “The Faces of the Homeless,” are not “The Faces of the Poverty Stricken,” are not “The Faces of the Hungry,” and the list just goes on and on and on. I’m fucking done, stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO fucking done.

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        I hate the fact that a lot of these bloggers shut down they had good informative messages that needed to be brought too our people attention. These black celebrities are backward as day themselves. Megan the Stallion (why would she name herself after a male horse) dropped a remix with Beyoncé which is nothing major too run home about. Lebron James getting prizes because he a good basketball player, married a authentic black woman, using the family to sale for more endorsements but still cheats on his wife with non black women. NFL player Marshawn Lynch wears a African medallion around his neck give back to his community (typical charity shit aka tax write off that all the other black athletes do) only dates non black women. He’s dating a non black Hispanic who he follows on instagram furthermore he’s playing daddy to her child in which she had by another man. I pray & hope it want be any football season because this Nfl draft was a mess black males showcasing their non black girlfriends. Furthermore the nfl will be losing money too if no games are being played. There no vaccine for the coronavirus but people are so quick to go outside. I want shit too hurry up an get worst

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  2. P.S. I strongly believe this is survival of the fittest some or most our people we want see next year.

    Fifteen children, many of whom had the coronavirus, have recently been hospitalized in New York City with a mysterious syndrome that doctors do not yet fully understand but that has also been reported in several European countries, health officials announced Monday night.



    1. Shanequa, I am pretty sure that the Black bloggers who quit blogging were upset about having to quit due to the fact that hardly anyone was listening, as you so aptly noted in your comment. The Black folks are too busy looking to so-called celebrities, be they sports players or rappers or Hollywood coonhead sellouts. We’ve got nothing to work with, that is obvious and people are NOT going to continue to waste their time when they could put that time to better use. I’m putting my time to better use by reading nonsense. I just finished reading “The Affair of the Mutilated Mink Coat,” and before that I finished “Magpie Murders.” I mean, I may as well read nonsense and solve whodunits than sit here and damn near become a victim of spontaneous combustion because there is no getting through to dense head Black folks.

      As I have no idea who is a Megan the stallion, I can only suppose that is some beastiality shit going down that Black folks done now took up. More reason for me to unplug myself from this mess! It’s bad enough that I’m damn near bombarded with images of Beyonce’s big ass thighs on my sign-in screen. I am NOT into visual arts because books do it for me and I’m sure many Black folks don’t even remember what a book is since all they know is how to scroll down a damn smartphone screen.

      And those Black motherfuckers like LeBron James and even dead ass Kobe Bryant are/were nothing to me because they are/were all coonheads and yet Black people think those jokers did something when they threw a few dimes to charity. That won’t shit to them and meanwhile, Black Amerikkka BURNS. Black Amerikkka has become “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths.” Who the fuck is doing ANYTHING about that? No one.

      I also saw that article about the children who are coming down with some sort of illness directly related to COVID-19. I also read that COVID-19 is mutating into a much more problematic strain while these dumb asses reopen states. Fuck that reopening shit. And not to mention, some of the blogs that I follow are stating that COVID-19 is a false flag incident while at the same time, they are sending me links to where Black folks have died from COVID-19. They cannot have it both ways. Either the shit is real and folks are dying or it’s not and folks ain’t dying. Everybody seems to be going bat shit crazy! And no, I don’t expect millions of us to ring in 2021; that’s just a fact. And Black folks can just hang it up.

      Here is the article on the mutation of coronavirus

      “A mutant coronavirus has emerged, even more contagious than the original, study says

      Scientists have identified a new strain of the coronavirus that has become dominant worldwide and appears to be more contagious than the versions that spread in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study led by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

      The new strain appeared in February in Europe, migrated quickly to the East Coast of the United States and has been the dominant strain across the world since mid-March, the scientists wrote.

      In addition to spreading faster, it may make people vulnerable to a second infection after a first bout with the disease, the report warned.”

      And yet whites are clamoring to get back to the beach and to get a haircut while I’ve seen pictures of Black folks sitting on public buses heading in to work their ‘essential’ jobs. While the whites play, the Black folks work and die from coronavirus. SIGH! I fucking throw my hands up.

      But this was good news!

      An Amazon VP’s resignation shows internal unrest is rising to the top

      An Amazon vice president has resigned over the firing of colleagues who protested working conditions inside Amazon’s warehouse network during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Also, more good news!

      One of the World’s Best Restaurants Might Not Reopen for Business

      One of the world’s most famed restaurants might stay closed, even as others are trying to figure out how they might return from lockdown. The future of Eleven Madison Park in New York, named the No. 1 restaurant in the world in 2017, is uncertain, says chef-owner Daniel Humm. “There is definitely a question mark over Eleven Madison Park—if it will reopen,” he tells Bloomberg Pursuits during a phone interview on Monday, May 4. “It will take millions of dollars to reopen. You have to bring back staff. I work with fancy equipment in a big space. I want to continue to cook with the most beautiful and precious ingredients in a creative way, but at the same time, it needs to make sense.”

      So now that restaurant dude has determined that it is just not feasible for him to reopen his swanky restaurant, he has now taken to fixing meals and delivering them “to the hungry around the city.” So, it took coronavirus shutting his fancy, swanky restaurant down for him to realize that there were hungry people in New York City. For the love of!!!!

      I just throw my hands up. But Shanequa, don’t look for Black bloggers to reopen closed blogs; that’s not going to happen. It is a waste of time doing this.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        A black male Ahmaud Arbery 25 years old was killed by two white men on video. Question of the day “black men what are you going to do about these murders.” Black men can go on social media all day and bash black women from our hair, weight, claim we’re unattractive because other race of men don’t want us and etc. they say all this shit toward us but when it’s time to fight against a “MAN” a “NON BLACK “ at that they are quiet. No race of men respect black men especially when you disrespect your own women, and think the seeds of other races of men can produce better female counterparts then black men. These killing of black men are going to get much worst. Also on social media you see brainwash black men making post bragging on how non black women prefer black men over their own race of men is pissing these non black men off. Again black men are digging there own graves. Also non black women aren’t going to put black men on a pedestal over their own men. Non black people benefit off of white supremacy.


      2. Shanequa, I am damn tired of, AGAIN, blowing a damn gasket every time I read that yet ANOTHER Black man has been gunned down and he was unarmed and doing not a goddamn thing wrong when Black men have done nothing but kick my ass from day one. My own father was a piece of shit and he was a Black man. The bastard’s dead now and good riddance. And if anyone wants to know why I stated that, then some of the reasons why can be found here. Also, my ex-husband is a Black man and he was YET ANOTHER piece of shit that I had to leave the state I lived in to get away from his ass. My son is also YET ANOTHER piece of shit and I am not even speaking to his piece of shit ass and he only gets with fat white cows who call the police on him if he even looks cross-eyed in their general direction!

        I refuse to continue to wail and moan and gnash my teeth over these useless Black male pieces of shit that think less of us than they do a trash can. If other Black women want to take to the streets and protest the killings of Black men, then they can do just that, but count me the fuck out. I am done; stick a fork in me, I am SO fucking done!

        Black men, as you say, are indeed, “digging their own graves,” and they fucking love it for if they did not, they would not continue to do so. Those non-blacks that they mess with know that all they have to do is call the kkkops and those Black motherfuckers are dead, dead, dead. And yet Black men cannot understand that shit? Even after what went down during the early slavery era? Because make no mistake, what the hell has changed? Black people don’t have no rights. But Black men think they got something when they get with some shit that will turn on them in a New York nanosecond. That shit’s on them. They’ll get no more sympathy from me and that is why I did NOT say a goddamn word about this latest killing of this ‘Ahmaud Arbery. To hell with ALL of the shit!


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